How to Delete a Facebook Comment

How to Delete a Facebook Comment
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Facebook is a social platform that has garnered much
recognition from across the globe. Millions of users visit it on a daily basis.
Meanwhile, this makes Facebook one of the social platforms that excite our
moments on the web.

Despite the fun you can catch while on Facebook, there are certain reactions or comments that could trigger intense anger in you
–probably when some friends make disgusting comments on your timeline. Verily,
you’re always free to delete Facebook comments but in certain cases.
Whether you log into Facebook via the Facebook mobile app or
through a web browser, you’re free to take the steps required to wipe out your
Facebook comments or any other disgusting comments some people made on your
timeline or Facebook posts.
However exciting this Facebook option seems, it comes with a
restriction which means you’re not permitted to delete comments on any Facebook
posts that do not belong to you. On a simple note, your permission to delete a
certain Facebook post or comment means it was made by you. Broadly speaking,
Facebook set-up strongly bars you from deleting comments or posts made by
someone else but not on your own timeline. If otherwise, a friend makes an
infuriating comment on your timeline, then Facebook authorizes you to delete
This post is aimed at helping you with the removal of any
Facebook comment made by you. Meanwhile, the step-by-step method to be provided
herein is suitable for any user of Facebook mobile app. Therefore, you can follow
the steps below if you’re logging in to Facebook through its mobile app.
Log in to Facebook using the mobile app (NOTE:
You must log in using a Facebook account that has the permission to delete your
preferred comment)
Explore your Facebook profile and click on the Activity Log icon (This contains every
Facebook comment/post made by you. Through the Activity Log, you can easily
locate certain comments or posts)

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Look for the specific comment you wish to delete
(NOTE: the Activity Log contains only the Facebook comments made by you. If you
however wish to delete someone else’s comment on your Facebook post, that
particular post is what you have to open)
To delete a specific comment after locating it,
you will find a menu for the comment. Also, there is a v symbol very close to the comment. Click on it.
To wipe out the comment, click on the Delete button
Meanwhile, Facebook ascertains
whether you wish to delete the comment by asking you to confirm the task.
However in case you don’t find any Delete
icon for a specific comment that means you’re not authorized to delete it.