How to Fix Post Limit Error on Blogger

How to Fix Post Limit Error on Blogger
Image Credit: Tutorialscabal
If you’re conversant with the homepage of your blog, you may
discover that the post limit sometimes reduces. For instance, the number of
posts might reduce to 4 even after setting it to 7. This comes usually as an annoying
bug especially when you want many posts to be available on a single blog page.
But why do you think this happens?

Google purposely designed blogger to set limit to the number
of posts especially when a blog is massively loaded.  You might see this as a restriction but
Google actually designed it to increase the rate at which blog pages are
loaded as well as limit the layouts of pages. With this in place, a blog can
assume the suitable layout that should appeal to its visitors.
Also, it is believed that visitors get bored when they have
to wait for a few annoying seconds to load every single page on  a blog. In that case, visitors might begin to
ignore a blog if it takes some considerable seconds for its homepage to load
However as a blogger, you can decide to increase the number
of posts on the home page of your blog as against the limited/default number of
posts on it. To do this, all you need are just few clicks on the blogger
dashboard of your blog.
Finally, below are the simple steps you should comply with
in order to fix the post limit error on the homepage of your blog:
Go to the blogger dashboard of your blog
Take note of the current posts on your blog’s
Now, you will begin to edit each post one after
the other
While you edit each post, navigate your mouse
pointer to the first paragraph (of your post) and place it just beside the last
word in the paragraph
Then scroll upwards to the top part of the post box where you will find a row of enhancement tools
From the enhancement tools, select jump break
(NOTE: this is a white-coloured icon just at the top of the post box)
When you place your mouse pointer on this
white-coloured icon, an option implying insert jump break will pop up
When you click on the icon, you’ve simply
inserted the jump break
After clicking on the icon, check the first
paragraph of your post and you will find a long partition just between the
first paragraph and the second paragraph
Meanwhile, you will have to repeat the steps
above for the previous posts and whenever you want to publish a new post 
Below is a pictorial guide:
 How to Fix Post Limit Error on Blogger