How to Get Connected to MTN 4G LTE

How to Get Connected to MTN 4G LTE
Image Credit: Nairaland

With the introduction of 4G LTE, MTN has provided a faster
rate of browsing considered more efficient than 3G. In case you don’t know what
LTE symbolizes, be informed that LTE is the same as 4G and it is the 4th
and fastest version of telecommunications technology.
When you use 4G LTE, you’re certain to enjoy the fastest
browsing speed alongside quick download of large files. Also, the
telecommunications technology enables you stream HD videos and enjoy online gaming
without any restraint.

4G LTE is the most suitable network when you wish to enjoy
super-fast download of large files and browse the internet without any
restraint such as slow data processing. On 4G LTE, your internet experience
becomes incredible with HD video streaming, efficient browsing and exciting
video calls.
Like other network connections such as 2G and 3G, your 4G
LTE is compatible with your normal data package and your current plan rate
determines your data charges. Meanwhile, 4G LTE gives you the speedy internet
experience without keeping you out of normal data charges.

As implied earlier, 4G LTE is the best network for those who
desire the fastest internet experience on their smartphones. However, there are
few requirements that must be met before you can be connected to 4G LTE. What
then are the requirements?

Your smartphone must be compatible with the 4G
Your location/residence must have a 4G LTE
You must have a 4G-enabled SIM (This is also
known as a USIM)
Steps Required to Connect to MTN 4G
First and foremost, be certain that your mobile
device is compatible with Band 7 (2600MHz). Meanwhile, it is recommended that
you visit the internet to read the features/specifications of any device before
you buy it
Then go to network settings of your 4G-enabled
Navigate to the 4G network and make sure it is
switched on
To entail your smartphone is connected to the 4G
network, a 4G icon will show up on the signal bar of your phone