How to Prevent Your Facebook Account from Being Hacked

How to Prevent Your Facebook Account from Being Hacked
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Facebook is an exciting social platform to use. By reason of
this, billions of global internet users have accounts on Facebook. Since
Facebook is an opportunity for you to create a social media account and share thoughts
with friends, relatives and the general public, it is strongly advisable that
you prevent your Facebook account from probable hacks.
There are a lot of scammers online and sadly, these
criminals can be found across every length and breadth of social media. To
ensure you don’t lose your hard-gained Facebook reputation (or the social
awareness you have acquired through your Facebook account) to the activities of
hackers, the admins of Facebook have equipped the social network with several
security features you can always rely on.

Do you know why you’re advised to create a strong password
for your Facebook account? Verily, some Facebookusers hardly value their
Facebook accounts and this is why they ignore using strong passwords which can
be very hard for others to guess. If you so much cherish your Facebook account,
I’m sure you won’t hesitate to secure it with a strong password.
Now that you’ve realized the essence of your Facebook
password, the big question is How do you create a strong password for your
Facebook account? 
You can create a strong password by combining letters with
digits. If for instance your name is Samuel and you wish to use it as your
Facebbook password for the sake of easy recall, you can just combine that name
with some digits. Let’s assume you were born in 1995 and you’re pretty sure
it’s easy to recall your name and the year you were born, it will make much
sense if you use something like Samuel95 as your Facebook password.
With the help of this article, I’m sure you’re convinced and
would like to change your password to a stronger option easy for you to recall
but difficult for others –even your friends –to guess. Therefore, follow the
easy steps below to change your Facebook pasword.
The Required Steps to Control or Set Your Facebook Password
Sign in to your Facebook account and navigate to
Settings & Privacy(NOTE: You can
find this icon at the bottom of any Facebook window)
Then select Security
and login
from the emerging options (NOTE: You may find this option just
below the option implying General)
From the next on-screen options, choose Change password
After that, you will be provided with three
boxes (NOTE: The first box is to contain your current password. The second box
is to contain your new password but again, you will fill in your new password
in the third box for easy verification. Ensure your new password is accurately
filled in both second and third boxes)
To complete the task, tap the save changes button