How to Promote Your Local Business on Facebook

How to Promote Your Local Business on Facebook
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Recently, social media is one of the best tools many people
use in boosting their business opportunities. Through several social media
channels –such as Instagram and Facebook –strategic people can easily take
their local businesses to reasonable lengths.
Facebook remains one of the best platforms for running
businesses locally. On a certain note, thousands of Facebook users have taken
this advantage in magnifying their opportunities across social media. Since
Facebook is a social media platform specified for business promotions, you can
definitely make your business services available to relevant and nearby

Do you have a local business you wish to promote? Do you
feel there are nearby customers your Facebook promotions should reach? Surely,
Facebook has the best answer to either of these questions. Therefore, Facebook
allows you to create a page through which your relevant customers can enjoy
your business promotions. Meanwhile, this is called your Facebook Page and
through its various features, you can specify who your target customers are and
how your business promotions can reach them.
Steps Required to Promote Your Business via Your Facebook
Log in to Facebook and open to your Facebook
Click on the Promote icon at the top part of the
Provide the required information about your
business ad
With that done, click on Promote Local Business
However, you might not find the Promote Local Business icon
on your Facebook Page. And obviously, this means your Facebook Page has an
outdated category. Meanwhile, you can simply update such a category via your
computer system by complying with the easy steps below:
Go to your cover photo
Tap the About
icon presented below it
There is a column in the left side; tap the Page Info icon in the column
Place your pointer around/over Category and then
tap the pencil symbol that shows up
Then, click on the icon implying Local Businesses
To complete the process, tap the Save Changes button