How to Recover Deleted Contacts from Samsung Phone Memory Card

How to Recover Deleted Contacts from Samsung Phone Memory Card
Image Credit: Samsung Data Recovery
It is very important to back up the important files on
Android phones in case they are mistakenly lost. However, many Android users
either fail to create back ups for their important data and when this data is
suddenly lost, they will have to explore the web for suitable data recovery

In this article, you will be acquainted with the easy steps
specified for Samsung users to recover their deleted contacts using Samsung
Data Recovery. Broadly speaking, Samsung Data Recovery is one of the
expeditious software tools designed for Android users to restore deleted files
such as videos, text messages, contacts, etc. Samsung Data Recovery comes with
an easy user interface which helps you to recover many kinds of lost files.
Therefore, you can recover these files both from the SD card and the inbuilt
memory of your Samsung smartphone.
Steps to Recover Deleted Contacts from the Memory Card of
Your Samsung Phone
Download and Install the suitable version of
Samsung Data Recovery
Run the Samsung Data Recovery software on your
To start the recovery process, click on the Data Recovery icon
Connect your PC with your Samsung phone (NOTE:
You can do this using a USB cable)
Go to the settings of your Android phone and
activate USB Debugging (NOTE: When
you switch on USB Debugging, the
Samsung Data Recovery software will be able to scan the files on your Android
Wait for your PC to detect your Android phone
With the detection successful, specify the file
types you wish to retrieve from your phone’s memory card
To proceed with the task, click on the Next icon
The subsequent screen provides you with three
modes of scanning
From the three modes, choose Scan for deleted files to recover the
lost data in no time
Wait for the scanning to be completed 
Then click on the Contacts tab at the left corner to preview the contacts you
accidentally lost or deleted
From the list of deleted contacts that will pop
up, you can specify the ones you wish to retrieve
To store the contacts on your PC  as HTML, VCF or CSV file type, tap the Recover button
Finally, you can now extract the recovered files
from your PC into your phone