How to Recover Lost Data on Galaxy Note 7 (Using Android Data Recovery)

How to Recover Lost Data on Galaxy Note 7 (Using  Android Data Recovery)
Image Credit: Mytechlogy
It can be very annoying when you find it difficult to
recover some data you or someone mistakenly deleted from your Android phone.
The files on your Android phone are as important as the Android phone itself
and this is why you’re strongly encouraged to learn the basics of data recovery
or data backups. To save your face from the inconvenience data loss might cause
you, make sure you download some data recovery software or simply create
backups for your important data such as text messages, photos, videos,
contacts, etc.

Just like some other Android phones, it is very easy to
recover any lost data on your Galaxy Note 7. But again, you’re advised to
recover any important data you mistakenly lose as soon as possible. If you
delay the recovery and create new data instead, the lost data could be overwritten and when this happens, you might lose the chance to retrieve it.
This very article is a tutorial that shows you how you can
use Android Data Recovery (one of the best data recovery tools) in retrieving
the important files, such as WhatsApp messages, you mistakenly lost on your
Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Also, it is fascinating and worthy of mention that
Android Data Recovery is an effective software tool due to its compatibility
with many widely-used Android brands such as Huawei, HTC, ZET, Motorola, Sony
and few others. Moreover, you can use this recovery tool regardless of the
Android version of OS your phone runs.
Steps to Recover Lost Data on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (using
Android Data Recovery)
Download the Android Data Recovery software on
your PC
Run the software on your PC after the download
To make the recovery an easy task, specify the
file type you wish to recover
Create a USB connection between the Galaxy Note
7 and your computer
Activate USB Debugging so that the data on your
device can be scanned easily
With that done, you can now start scanning the
files on your device
After that, preview the scanned files and choose
the lost data you wish to recover