How to Set Up a Free Blog on Blogger/Blogspot

How to Set Up a Free Blog on Blogger/Blogspot
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It is pretty easy to set up a blog. In fact, you can set up a free blog in less than 15 minutes. In this quest, many bloggers –especially
newbies –prefer to use blogger/blogspot in place of several other blogging
platforms such as tumblr and wordpress.
As precise as it is, blogger/blogspot is an easy-to-use
blogging platform and the most recommendable option for many bloggers. If
you’re pretty new to blogging and can barely handle technical blogging set-ups,
then blogger/blogspot is the suitable platform for you.

To create a free blog on blogger, there are easy steps you
have to follow and right here, you will be shown these steps one after the
other. However, you’re expected to have created or invented a unique domain
name for your blog. What is meant by domain name? 
Domain name is the actual name with which your blog can be
identified. Therefore, you can create any blog with an already-registered
domain name. Since the blog you’re creating is free, you will also be hosted on
a free domain but in order to optimize your experience as a blogger, you’re
advised to change from a free domain to a custom domain.
Finally, you can follow the easy steps below to set-up a
free and quick blog on blogspot/blogger:
Easy Steps to Create a Free Blog on Blogger/Blogspot
Visit the link
OR and log in with your
Google account
There is a downward-pointing arrow just at the
top left-hand corner of the page. Click on the arrow
From the emerging icons, select New Blog
Provide the name of your blog in the Title bar (NOTE: you’re expected to
have come up with a domain name no one has ever registered)
Create a URL address for your blog (NOTE: you
have to add to your
blog’s URL since you’re using a free domain. If for instance your blog’s name
is Info Bar, then your blog’s URL
will be
With the above done, you will find a variety of
templates just below the Address
bar. Since these templates are free to use, you can choose your preferred one
As you input the blog’s URL, a notification will
pop up implying This blog address is
available. This is found just below
the Address bar and its purpose is to
let you realize that you have chosen a unique blog address
To create the new blog, scroll downwards and
click on the Create blog! icon