How to Subscribe to Airtel 6GB for #500 and 2GB for #200

How to Subscribe to Airtel 6GB for #500 and 2GB for #200
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Airtel has given to Nigerians what it principal competitors cannot, especially cheap but crazy data plans. Verily,
a seasoned Airtel subscriber should understand what I’m driving at.
Nevertheless, some subscribers claim Airtel is Nigeria’s best network operator
when it comes to offering the cheapest data plans. Though you might not deny
the truth of this, the factual point is that Airtel does crazy things which
keep you wondering why some of its data plans are pretty cheap.
In reality, somebody who heavily surfs the internet would
opt for a costly and premium data plan instead of a cheap data plan only
suitable for low-end internet users.

When you get a total of 6GB for #500, you
should expect nothing but average internet surfing. On the other hand, spending
about #1000 to obtain 1.5GB means you deserve an exciting internet experience.

Regardless of what criticism you hold against Airtel and
some of its cheap but poor data plans, the truth is that Airtel is one of the
best three network operators Nigeria currently boasts of. 

Taking you to the core of this post, it is quite amazing
that Airtel has shown readiness to keep you connected with the internet even
when you can’t afford premium subscriptions. Significantly, this underlies the
certainty that Airtel is one of the best networks you can resort to when you don’t
have enough money to spend on data bundles.

In this post, we would like to show you the steps required
to subscribe to some of the cheapest data plans coming from the stables of

These plans are 2GB and 6GB for #200 and #500 respectively. How cheap
is this? Pretty cheap I guess!

Since these plans are targeted at low-end internet users,
you shouldn’t expect magic or something superb. And so, I would suggest you
steer clear of these plans if you browse heavily and enjoy using a super-fast
connection for downloading large files.

Before we show you the simple steps for subscribing to these
two plans, let’s take a brief review of their benefits and their shortcomings.

As launched by Airtel, the 2GB for #200 is a plan you can
enjoy for a 14-day period while its senior counterpart – 6GB for #500 – has a
validity period of 28 days.

These really are superb validity periods and I
guess they are one of the reasons you would like to subscribe to either of the
two plans.

But before considering that, wouldn’t you think about the
shortcomings of these plans?

When you browse using either of the two plans, your internet
experience is restricted to a browsing speed of 45-60kb/s. What does this mean? You wouldn’t enjoy speedy
download of large files. Besides that, these two plans are solely meant for 2G
internet connections –this means they are neither supported on 4G connections
nor are they suitable for 3G connections. If your phone is specified for 3G or
higher connections, I guess you shouldn’t risk giving this offer a try no
matter how cheap it seems.
How to Subscribe to the Data Plans
Discussed above
With your account funded with #200 or more,
subscribe to Airtel’s 2GB for #200 by dialing *482*1#
With your account funded with #500 or more,
subscribe to Airtel’s 6GB for #500 by dialing *482*2#