How to Subscribe to Airtel Monthly Plans

How to Subscribe to Airtel Monthly Plans
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For years, Airtel has remained the choice of many average
internet users who like cheap data bundles. However, you may assume the monthly
plans herein are somewhat costly if your pocket can afford neither of them.
At times, you don’t expect quality data bundles when you
spend less. In detail, I mean you might not have the reliable internet
experience when you pay Airtel just #500 to get a massive bundle of 6GB.
Aaargh! That‘s outrageously cheap and when things are too cheap, they might not
serve you well.

To ensure you have an awesome internet experience, we’ve
come up with various Airtel monthly plans in accordance with your
affordability. Meanwhile, these plans are declared suitable for all kinds of
internet-enabled devices such as Android tablets, Java phones and other

Subscription Code for Airtel 1.5GB (#1000)
You can opt for this monthly plan if you don’t download
files very heavily or if you use a Java-enabled phone. I believe this monthly
plan is a more suitable option especially when you compare it with Etisalat’s
monthly plan of 1GB which you get for #1000. Probably, additional data of 500MB
will serve you better. You can subscribe to this plan by dialing *496#. But
before you subscribe to this plan, take a look at the next plan….
Subscription Code for Airtel 3.5GB (#2000)
When you subscribe with #2000, Airtel gives you 3.5GB and
that means this actual plan is a little better than the one above. I’m sure
this very plan is more recommendable especially when you need to browse
somewhat heavily all day long without running out of data. You can subscribe to
this plan by simply dialing *437# Again, I would advise that you take a brief
look at the next data plan before opting for this….
Subscription Code for Airtel 5GB (#2500)
I’m sure you can feel how massive this is. If Glo boasts of
the 1st spot when it comes to offering cheap data plans
–particularly for its 7.5GB plan you can activate with just #2000 –I guess
Airtel deserves the second spot. 

This plan is obviously an incredible step beyond the ones
above. When you add just #500 to your #2000, Airtel magnifies your internet
experience with a whopping 5GB. This really is beautiful and it is one of the
reasons many Airtel users remain connected. To subscribe to this very plan, ensure you have #2500 or
more in your account. Then dial *437*1#.

Subscription Code for Airtel 7GB (#3500)
7GB for #3500 is not that costly –though Glo gives you more
than this when you subscribe with just #2000. With this plan activated, you
have the grace to enjoy massive browsing on your smart devices such as Android.
You may assume this plan is somewhat expensive but it will certainly sustain
your heavy data usage. To get started with this plan, you can dial *438#
Subscription Code for Airtel 24GB (#8000)
Undoubtedly, Airtel is crazy about this and the telecom
giant just wants you to subscribe with #8000 and nothing less. Though the
validity of this plan doesn’t exceed 30 days, the fact is that it will sustain heavy
data consumption probably needed for your company’s multiple internet tasks. To
activate this plan, you can simply dial *460#