How to Use Internet Browser on Xbox One

How to Use Internet Browser on Xbox One
Image Credit: MSDN

Nowadays, technology has turned many gadgets into quite
exciting tools to use. With the advance of technology, some gadgets are now
specified to support many tasks.
You could imagine how exciting it is to use your Xbox One system
for browsing the internet. Quite interestingly, Xbox One is built with an added
feature specified for users to surf the internet. Meanwhile, this comes as the
Internet Explorer that you can access just with the help of a few clicks.

Probably, you might feel like enjoying this browsing feature
–particularly as a fair option in place of your mobile phone or personal
computer. And if this desire occupies your mind, I guess you should give it a
Primarily, your Xbox is designed to give you the best gaming
experience especially if you’re a game addict. 
On your Xbox system, you can
enjoy several amazing games like football and Mortal Kombat. Besides that, the
gaming system enables you enjoy streaming of TV shows and movies. In another
circumstance or if you’re addicted to listening to soothing music, you could
easily use your Xbox as a sound system.
But straight to our focus here, your Xbox One does it better
when you’re tired of playing games and you just feel like surfing the web. To
give you an awesome experience, your Xbox comes with Internet Explorer as an
in-built option for perusing the internet. Are you
surprised? I guess no! In point of fact, you can access the internet and
enjoy a few browsing options just on your Xbox One.
Easy Steps to Use Internet Explorer on Your Xbox One
After setting up the browser, use the stick on
the right side [of the controller] for navigating
Likewise, you can use the analog stick on the
left side [of the controller] to navigate a pointer
When you tap the View button, the URL/web address bar appears and then you can enter
your desired web address
Press the B
button in order to return to a previous page
To use mouse clicks, press the A button on your Xbox controller
When you press the left stick once, you will
have the largest zoom out
Meanwhile, pressing the left stick once again
gives you the largest zoom in