How to Use WhatsApp without Any SIM Card

How to Use WhatsApp without Any SIM Card
Image Credit: Softonic

WhatsApp is one of the popular messaging apps with a large
number of users across the world. The messaging app is extremely valued for its
speedy delivery of messages during chats. Based on social media reports,
WhatsApp now has millions of daily active users who enjoy sending messages to
friends and relatives.

Over and above its exclusive features, WhatsApp is supported
on many kinds of devices and this constitutes the reasons for its popularity.
Through WhatsApp, you can create a broadcast chat through which you can easily send
messages to multiple friends at once. Apart from that, WhatsApp allows you to
create groups such as academic groups where you can share ideas with others,
learn from them or pass useful information.
One more exciting thing about WhatsApp is that you can use
the app without any SIM card in your phone. For instance, WhatsApp allows you
to verify its app by simply following certain methods. This comes easily even
if there is no SIM card slotted into your phone or your phone doesn’t support
the use of any SIM card. Whether your device is a computer, an iPad or a
tablet, you’re always free to install and verify your WhatsApp copy.
In this post, we’ve carefully chosen one of the required
methods you can use in verifying your WhatsApp without any SIM card. Therefore,
comply with the easy steps below in order to verify your WhatsApp using any
landline number.
After the installation of WhatsApp, launch the
app on your computer, Android tablet or phone
Input your landline number
You will be required to input your number. To do
this, choose your present country from a list of countries provided and input
your landline number
Exercise little patience for about 5 minutes
(NOTE: This is to ensure the failure of SMS verification)
After the failure of SMS verification, you will
be open to verifying your WhatsApp through the Call Me option (This Call Me
option prompts WhatsApp to give you a call via your landline number)
During the voice call, WhatsApp will tell you
your verification code and constantly repeat it (NOTE: Your verification code
is a 6-digit number required to authenticate your copy of WhatsApp)
Having taken note of your verification code,
input it in the box provided 
With the verification completed, you’re free to
start enjoying WhatsApp messaging without any SIM card slotted into your mobile