Top 3 Hacks To Set A Goal For Financial Freedom

Top 3 Hacks To Set A Goal For Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is a system where stability is achieved in all settings. This is simply a state you get to in your finances where your monthly passive income becomes higher than your monthly expenditures. 

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Imagine waking up in the morning to find that you have all the bucks you need to do anything you want, and that, you dont have to go to work to earn the money you practically need. That is what financial freedom looks like.
No, your mother and father didn’t tell you about it. Odds are, you’re not even aware of it while in school, a smaller amount get educated about it and how you can achieve it.
Well, luck is on your side, the world has changed. You get to learn that there is such a thing as financial independence. And better still certainly, you is capable of it if you set an objective for it and work towards it.
So what are the three reasons why you need to set a goal for financial freedom?
1.Peace of Mind

Most people spend a huge part of their lives worrying about things that money can easily do for them. Much as it is important to make it clear that money will not solve all your problems, it does come very close to doing that.

You will have much less to worry about when you have all the money you need to do or get the things you want. This really helps your peace of mind. Additionally, helping you live an extraordinary life devoid of confusion and worries

2.  Freedom to Live Your Dreams
Dreams. Everyone has them. But is it rather surprising that the majority of people in the world never get to live their dreams? It could be. But should it be? I mean have you ever been in a class where the topic for the day’s lesson was “How to Achieve Your Dreams?”.

I thought so too, because I have never been in one myself; all through my academic education, from elementary to the tertiary level.

What I share with you today is a result of personal desire and discoveries made while searching for answers to my own life and the fulfillment of my dreams.

One of the best ways to ensure you live your dreams is to achieve financial freedom. The easiest example of someone living his dreams today, having got the freedom to do so after achieving financial freedom is Bill Gates.

As you may already know, Bill Gates dropped out of school to build his company, Microsoft together with his friend Paul Allen, back in 1975. By 2000, he stepped down from his position as chief executive officer when the company had become a hugely successful global enterprise.

Gates has been traveling the world ever since carrying out philanthropic work for his foundation; the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

With all expenses paid by the company for his activities and donations, he just lives everyday thinking where else he can have an impact.

No one can deny the impact that Donald Trump’s Financial Success has had on his becoming the president of the United States of America. That is certainly another example of how you gain an advantage when you have the money to back you up.

3. Gives You an Opportunity to Leave a Lasting Legacy
Being financially free gives you a much better chance of leaving a good legacy behind when you are gone. That is not to say you cannot leave a legacy if you are poor, like the great Mahatma Gandhi of India and Mother Teresa showed a long time ago. But compared to most poor people out there, you certainly have a better chance when you are rich.

The simple reason that you have all the money you need to do whatever good you want to do, makes things so much easier for you.

There you have them, three reasons to set a goal for financial freedom. Of course I have set my own goal and only wish I knew about it much earlier. But now that you know, will you do the needful for yourself and your generations yet unborn?