Top 4 Foods to Avoid Before Sex

Top 4 Foods to Avoid Before Sex
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In reality, some foods we find delicious can have
side-effects on us or probably lower our abilities in certain cases. Owing to
this, there are some delicious foods which you must avoid few minutes beforeany sexual encounter. Next time you’re out on a hot date, stay clear of these common anti-aphrodisiacs. They can leave you bloated, gassy, sleepy, and with zero sex drive. Why are you encouraged to do this? Verily, most of these
foods don’t just go well and hardly would they stimulate your sexual urge. In
point of fact, they can affect men’s testosterone levels as well as reduce
female’s oestrogen levels.

In order to improve your sexual experience, below is a list of
foods you just have to avoid prior to any sexual encounter with your sexual
You might feel shocked to know that taking a wine before
meeting your sexual partner could be risky. However, every couple would
apparently agree that a delicious wine is part of what adds pleasure to dating. 
Nevertheless, it would make much sense for a man to desist from taking any
alcoholic wine before intercourse. And seriously speaking, facts contain that
excess intake of alcohol or any instance of slight drunkenness might lower your
potency during sex. Regardless of its delicacy, you’re cautioned to avoid any
alcoholic drink before meeting your female lover.
Though energy drinks have the potentials of boosting a man’s
ability temporarily –probably after a few minutes of consumption –the fact is
that such ability would do nothing to stimulate your sexual urge. Seriously
speaking, most energy drinks contain excess sugar and caffeine and as bad as
you would realize, this reduces the energy in you. After consuming energy
drinks, you are eventually left with little energy compared to what you had
prior to the consumption. Another serious effect of the sugar content in most
energy drinks is that men can be vulnerable to under-secretion of testosterone
when they take them in excess.
Though hot dogs are delicious to consume but they hardly
improve your sexual urge due to their high content of saturated fats. And since
saturated fats tend to block vaginal and penile arteries, you’re cautioned to
avoid them so that there could be an easy flow of blood during intercourse.
Whenever you take fries, you feel some relish because they
are very delicious. But again, it is not recommendable that you take fries
before any intercourse. Meanwhile, all fried foods tend to pose disadvantages
to your sexual experience. Briefly, some of the disadvantages might result in
little circulation of blood and a severe reduction in testosterone levels.