Top 4 Social Media Apps to Market Your Brand

Nowadays, social media is regarded as one of the best mediums for marketing products. Since there is a variety of social media platforms with millions of active users, marketers are strongly encouraged to create awareness for their products via social media.

In view of how marketers cherish their mobile phones for the
purpose of communicating with customers, social media apps are also regarded as easy-to-use platforms specified for marketers to generate brand awareness.
In this post, we’ve come up with the top 4 social media apps popularly considered the best online tools for marketers to establish social
awareness for their products.
Facebook Messenger
As developed by Facebook, Facebook Messenger happens to be
the best social media app for marketers to magnify their business opportunities –especially in the event of brand awareness. With its number of monthly active users on a significant increase, Facebook Messenger has become the social media app with the largest number of users across the web.
In an attempt to boost its services, Facebook has empowered
its Messenger with great features which allow users to make online phone calls, transfer money to beneficiaries and send stickers while chatting with one another. Due to its popularity and user-friendly features, Facebook Messenger has become a great medium for marketers to relate well with their target audience.
With LinkedIn having transformed into an absolute social network, marketers are now open to beneficial options such as notifying others
about their brands, creating awareness for job seekers and engaging in group discussions which could foster business relationships.
Currently, LinkedIn boasts of thousands of users and this clearly outlines that the social media app is one of the best platforms for marketers to boost their business presence.
Based on current social media reports, Snapchat has over 100 million users who constitute its category of daily active users. Likewise, the main users of this social media app are within the range 18-24 years and this obviously marks it as the social media platform to watch out for in future moments.
Snapchat is commonly used by business-minded people and as a marketer, you can find out the great benefits the social media app offers.
Meanwhile, you can download the Snapchat app as it keeps your eyes within the events going around. Furthermore, there is a lot of fun you can experience through the Discover section of Snapchat. 
It is awesome to imagine how WhatsApp now boasts of millions
of users exceeding those of Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram
altogether. Undeniably, WhatsApp is a great social medium for sending in-time messages or sharing photos and videos. Moreover, the social messaging app features group chats which are a lovely means of getting connected with lots of people.
Fortunately, a passionate marketer can easily connect with a
large number of customers and notify them about his/her brand through WhatsApp group chats.