Top 4 Ways to Prevent Your Adsense Account from Being Banned

Top 4 Ways to Prevent Your Adsense Account from Being Banned
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It’s not very easy to manage an Adsense account but if you
can comply with few safety measures, you will discover how ease could be easily
fashioned out of difficulty. In reality, your Adsense account is what makes you realize the profitability of your blog and as regards this, you’re
strongly encouraged to protect it by all means.

This very article clearly discusses the few reasons that
could lead to the suspension of your Adsense account. Nowadays, many bloggers
adopt reckless blogging practices without minding how these could backfire on
their blogging reputations. As regards the need to continue monetizing with
your blog, find out some of the ways you can prevent your Adsense account from
being banned.
Avoid Illegal Content at All Cost
The admins of Google Adsense frown at illegal content
–particularly mature content which portrays pornography. When deciding on the
content that appears on your blog, it is pretty wise to desist from
pornographic content or any other content that violates the laws guiding your
country/location. On various conditions regarding pornographic content, Google
Adsense might revoke your use of its monetization program and when this
happens, you won’t be able to claim any income.
Don’t Allow Illegal Traffic on Your Blog
Google Adsense condemns any traffic that comes from an
invalid source. If for instance, you frequently click on your own ads –as shown
on your blog –the traffic generated from such might be termed invalid by Google
Adsense. In another condition, your Adsense account might be deactivated if you
use a bot in clicking on your ad for a number of times. If you’re conversant
with the policies Google lays down for the use of its Adsense, you will realize
that any traffic generated in either of the ways above is termed illegal and
can result in the deactivation of your Adsense account.
Don’t Deceive People with Your Ads
If the ads on your blog are considered deceptive or viewed
as having concealed identity, Google might not hesitate to penalize your
Adsense account. If a link is actually meant to take visitors to a particular
ad and you try to deceive people by using it to portray something else, Google
might decide to crack down on you by terminating your Adsense account.
Therefore, you’re advised never to use blog links in portraying what they are
not meant to direct visitors to.
Don’t Allow Plagiarized Content on Your Blog
Undeniably, plagiarism is no better of than a criminal
attempt that implies the illegal use of a work that belongs to someone else. In
many cases, some frivolous bloggers plagiarize other people’s works and paste
them on their own blogs without even giving any credit to the owners or seek
the permission to use their works. 
Meanwhile, the plagiarized content on your
blog might be a material already backed by copyright. In this situation, the
actual owner of the content might decide to report you to Google for copyright
infringement. Consequently, you could have both your blog and your Adsense
account expelled from the web.