Free Domain Name Registration With Freenom

There are many website owners using free domain and hosting. If you have been in the online business for a while, you must have heard about some website or blogs with domain names such as or  Those domain names with such extensions (cf, tk, ga, ml) are free. You may also be thinking of mapping your new blog with a free domain name.
Free Domain Name Registration With Freenom

Freenom offers free domain name registration with those mention extensions. Before you decide to register your domain name with Freenom, remember this adage “Watch before you leap”.

You need to know what you want and why you want it.  In this article, you are going to know some basic fact about Freenom. And later, you may decide in your own interest to opt for Freenom service or not.

Freenom Review: – Reliability, Services, Support, Pricing And Risks

Freenom is the world’s first and top free domain names provider with millions of domain names hosted. The word “Freenom” can be guessed to have been derived from the words “free” and “nom” – a French word for “name”. Currently, it ranked 3933 out of 3945 web hosting companies in the world. Freenom is the only domain hosting company that offers the following domain names extensions like .tk, .ml, .cf and .ga for free.

Though, they mostly offer ccTLD (country code top level domain) but, they also run other top level domain (TLD) like .com, .net etc, with some other country domain extensions like .berlin at an affordable cost. Top level domains are optional to those webmasters who preferred to have a premium (and of course, professional) domain name for their website or blog.

Freenom is fully supported by KIMA Ventures – the first active angel investor in the world. KIMA with other top ventures in the world finance the free domain name registrar, Freenom and they have offices in some part of the world but their main office is in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Freenom uses the latest AnyCast technology that guarantees the stability of all domain names registered on it. Freenom is also anti-spam protected and controls virus. It speeds up your internet experience and protects your privacy.


Freenom can be reached by telephone or email. They reply to email messages within 24hours but unfortunately, their customer support is limited to some extent.


On Freenom, country code top level domains such as ml, .tk, .ga, and .cf are free but you can also get top level domains like .com, .net, .info etc at a cost price of $10.00. You can choose any plan you like such as month-to-month, or yearly renewal. Also, 30 days money back guarantee if you are not served to your satisfaction.


• Free domain names with .ml, .tk, .ga and .cf extensions

Dot TK (.Tk)
This is a joint venture of government of Tokelau and is funded by Teletok.
The phrase “TK” is derived from “Tokelau”. Dot TK is the largest and most used ccTLD in the world with more than 20million users.

Dot ML (.Ml)
.ML is for Mali government

Dot GA (.GA)
.GA take its source from Gabon

Dot CF (.CF)
.CF Is from Central Africa Republic

• Premium Domain names like .com, .net at affordable cost price.
• Free URL forwarding
• Hosting DNS Records
• Creation of email aliases for your pre-existing email provider.


You have been reading about Freenom right from the genesis of this article but remember, there is a risk in everything you do in life, also when it comes to business.

On Freenom, there are some risks which you must be prepared for.  So, what are the risks associated with using Freenom?

• Deleting of a domain name without any warning.

• With a Freenom domain, you have big risk to lose the domain if there is pretty well traffic on the domain and in return, the domain will be sold to online advertising networks who need a good domain name with better ranking and traffic.

• You may have a problem with URL forwarding.

• According to users’ experiences, Freenom have unreliable customer care services

The Bigger Risk

• Using Freenom ccTLD and other free domain names from any other registrar make you unserious and unprofessional.

• Freenom is ranked 3933 out of 3945 web hosting companies in the world. So, they can’t be generally trusted.

But, you can still go for Freenom if you can’t afford a paid domain name, provided you can take and endure these risks.

If you are using Freenom or have used their services before, how will you describe your experience with them. Do you know of any other reliable free domain name registrar?