How to Create an Instagram Account (Using the Mobile App)

How to Create an Instagram Account (Using the Mobile App)
Image Credit: Businessinsider

Instagram is one of the best social media apps you can get
from the web. Undoubtedly, there are millions of social media users who have
one or more Instagram accounts. Apart from the social fun and presence
Instagram gives you, it serves as a platform for promoting your social interest
by simply gaining Instagram followers and likes.

Nowadays, many Instagram users fancy using the social media
app for sharing exceptional photos to their various other social media accounts
such as Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. And if you desire the best
appearance for your photos probably before sharing them, you shouldn’t hesitate
to beautify them with Instagram enhancement tools.
Now that you’ve been acquainted with the importance of
Instagram, it is interesting to show you how you can create your own Instagram
account and join the community of lively Instagram users. In this article, you
will learn how to sign up for your own Instagram account using the mobile app.
As a social media app that is suitable for mobile download, Instagram is
available on Windows, Android and iOS.
Steps to Create an Instagram Account (Using the Mobile App)

Go to Windows Phone Store to download Instagram for a
Windows device. To download Instagram on your Android phone, go to Google Play
Store and for iOS, you can visit the App Store to download the Instagram mobile
Install the Instagram app after successful
After the installation, launch the app by
clicking on the Instagram icon
Click on the Sign Up with Email or Phone Number icon (Here, you can create the
Instagram account using your email or phone number)
To proceed with the Sign Up, fill in your phone number or email address
Click on the Next button to proceed with the subsequent step
Also, you will receive a confirmation code
either in your email or on the phone number provided (NOTE: Instagram requires
that you provide this code in verifying your account and completing the entire Sign Up)
By registering with your phone number or email,
you will have to choose a preferred username and a strong password

Then click on the Done button after providing your profile info