How to Create a Yahoo Mail Account in iPhone Mail

How to Create a Yahoo Mail Account in iPhone Mail
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The introduction of iPhones into the mobile industry is
obviously one of the amazing beauties of technology. iPhones are great devices
to use and this makes you imagine the marvelous things you can do only on your

Do you know it is pretty easy to create a Yahoo Mail account
in your iPhone Mail? You might not know but the truth is that it is as easy as
pronouncing the words “Jack Robinson’’. It is an amazing thing to link a Yahoo
Mail account with iPhone Mail because this makes it convenient for you to
access your Yahoo emails in no time. When you do this, your iPhone Mail will
become a direct medium through which you can access, receive or send your Yahoo

In that case, this article is your actual guide on how a
Yahool Mail account can be set up in your iPhone Mail and if you can comply
with the step-by-step method provided herein, you will surely find out how to
connect a Yahoo Mail account to your iPhone Mail. And
what happens when you do this? You will start using your iPhone Mail to
receive and send Yahoo emails.
Easy Steps to Create Yahoo Mail Account in iPhone  Mail

Navigate to the Home screen of your iPhone and tap Settings

Open the option implying Mail

On the next screen, select Accounts

After that, choose Add Account

Then click on the Yahoo icon
Now provide your name and your actual Yahoo Mail
address (NOTE: This must be entered in full)
Fill in the password of your Yahoo Mail address
Tap the Next
button to proceed
Now you can make your Yahoo Mail preferences as
regards notes, reminders, calendars and contacts (NOTE: In order to prepare
your iPhone for receiving email at any moment, you’re required to keep your
Mail on)
To complete the process and save the account
set-up, tap the Save button (NOTE:
This is found at the top bar)

With that done, the Yahoo Mail account will be
displayed on the list of accounts