How to Enable USB Debugging on Android 4.1, 4.0 and Lower Versions

How to Enable USB Debugging on Android 4.1, 4.0 and Lower Versions
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For seasoned Android users or those who are very conversant
with the set-up of Android phones, USB Debugging is not a strange feature to
discuss. In that case, USB Debugging is an essential feature usually set up for
various purposes like hacking, Android rooting and installation of custom ROMs.
As an Android feature, USB Debugging is mainly specified for developers to use
the (SDK) Software Development Kit of Android phones.

Therefore, the USB Debugging mode must be activated before
any installed SDK may be used on your Android phone. It is very important to
switch on USB Debugging in case you want to root your Android phone, run a
custom ROM or use the device as a developer.
In reality, it is very easy to enable the USB Debugging mode of an Android device. However, the steps for activating USB Debugging vary
from one Android version to another. Since there are various Android versions
–ranging from lower to higher versions –you may have to review the different
steps for enabling USB Debugging and specify the one that suits your Android
This article will show you the easy steps for activating the
USB Debugging mode of your Android device. Likewise, the steps provided herein
can be useful to users of various Android phones such as Moto G, Note 2, Sony
Xperia Z2, HTC One (M8), Samsung Galaxy S III, Moto X, Samsung Galaxy S5 and so
Steps to Enable USB Debugging on Android 4.1 and 4.0

Go to the Settings
menu of your Android phone
Under the Settings
menu, activate the Developer options
With this done, you will have access to the USB Debugging mode
Now navigate downwards to the USB Debugging field to check it
A notification will show up implying that you’re
now a developer
At this juncture, you can now access the USB Debugging mode whenever you wish to
enable or disable it
Steps to Enable USB Debugging on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
and Lower Versions

Go to Settings
on your Android phone
From the Settings options, select Applications

Under Applications, click on Development

From the subsequent options, select USB Debugging (NOTE: This is the first
of the three options displayed)