How to Increase the 3G Internet Speed of Your MTN SIM from 62k to 128k

How to Increase the 3G Internet Speed of Your MTN SIM from 62k to 128k
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A SIM card is a little bit typical of the Hard Disk of a PC.
In that case, the efficiency of a SIM card –especially in terms of internet
browsing –greatly depends on the storage capacity. If a SIM card is equipped
with the storage capacity of 16k, you shouldn’t compare its efficiency to that
of another SIM card that has a higher capacity of 62k. Even when SIM cards are
on the same network connection (such as 2G or 3G), their browsing speeds are
mainly determined by their storage capacities.

If you’re bent on experiencing a faster browsing speed on
your MTN SIM, I strongly recommend that you upgrade to a SIM card equipped with
a larger storage capacity such as 128k. Verily, SIM cards can have various
storage capacities ranging from 16k to 128k. If you desire a faster internet
experience and observe that your current MTN SIM operates under the memory
storage of 62k, you’re encouraged to upgrade to a better option such as a 128k SIM card.
For the smooth running of applications and a better
broadband or browsing speed, a SIM card is equipped with a number of partitions
needed for the functionality of applications. And if you want applications to run
properly while using your SIM card, it is advisable that your SIM card be
upgraded to a higher storage capacity.
Steps Required to Speed up Your MTN SIM Card from 62k to 128k

Go to any nearby MTN outlet or MTN Customer
Service unit to purchase a prepaid MTN SIM card with the storage capacity of
But before you can obtain a welcome back pack,
you’re required to provide some authentic means which better identify you. This
might be a School ID card, a National ID card, an International Passport or a
Driving Licence
Furthermore, you’re expected to have some amount
of money –about #700 or probably more than that
With that entailed, you can now provide your ID
card details in the form you’re given
After that, you’re required to attempt Know Your
Customer (KYC) procedures before the welcome back process can be completed

With the above completed, you can start enjoying
better internet experience on your newly upgraded MTN SIM card