How to Log in to Your Instagram Account on PC

How to Log in to Your Instagram Account on PC
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Based on social media statistics, Instagram is one of the
popular social media apps with a huge amount of users from across the globe.
Meanwhile, it is very impressive to imagine tha number of global Instagram
users. Also, millions of active users have been recorded and this gives
Instagram a remarkable stance in the clique of most popular social networks –an
exclusive group that comprises Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter.

For anyone who uses Instagram or has detailed knowledge of
the social network, Instagram is best enjoyed via its mobile app. As regards
this, it isn’t a surprise that there are millions of people who use the
Instagram mobile app.
This article is mainly intended to show you how you can
login to your Instagram account via your computer system. Surprisingly, some
people do not know they can use Instagram on their PCs but as a matter of fact,
this is one of the reasons you must admit that Instagram is fun to use.
Although Instagram is accessible on computer systems, you won’t be able to
upload photos unless you use the mobile app. Sadly, this is one of the
drawbacks associated with the use of Instagram on PCs.
But again, you still experience some fun moments while using
Instagram on your PC simply because you are allowed to view Instagram posts,
like them and even comment on them.
Easy Steps to Login to an Instagram Account on PC

Open this link to access the
official website of Instagram
For the login process, provide your Instagram
login details (NOTE: These are your username and your password)
Now, tap the login button
Alternatively, you can press the Login with Facebook button, but this is
only if your Facebook account is connected with your Instagram account. On an
explanatory note, this means your Instagram account can be accessed via your
Facebook account
Then comply with the on-screen instructions to
login to your Instagram profile

With the above done, you will be able to access your
Instagram details such as notifications, feed, etc. simply on the web and just
the way they are displayed on your mobile