How to Make Calls via a Wi-Fi Network

How to Make Calls via a Wi-Fi Network
Image Credit: Therakyatpost

The importance of a Wi-Fi network is not restricted to the
fact that you can use it in securing a fast and reliable internet connection.
For several other purposes, the Wi-Fi network of your Android device can appear
as the best alternative.
Quite unfortunately, many Android users do not know that
they can make calls via the Wi-Fi networks on their smartphones. On many
occasions –whether at home or workplace –you might need to make urgent calls.
But if the network is generally bad or your location has some poor signal
coverage, you might find it hard to maintain an effective telephone
To save you from the disappointment this evokes, your
Android phone supports a premium Wi-Fi network that guarantees you some
reliable and quality signal while making calls.
Broadly speaking, your phone calls seem awkward when you
find it hard to communicate effectively with your addressee. And to ensure
you get some super-quality audio effect during your phone conversation, it is
recommended that you activate Wi-Fi
on your Android smartphone.
Meanwhile, this feature is best suited for you especially if
your network provider (such as MTN, Airtel or Glo) doesn’t have any reliable
coverage for making effective calls in your location.
Steps Required to Activate Wi-Fi Calling on Your Android

Go to Connectivity option of your Android phone
to locate the Wi-Fi settings. Alternatively, you can swipe the notification bar
of your smartphone downwards and select a Wi-Fi icon from the options that pop
up next
When the options show up, press and hold the
Wi-Fi icon so that you’re able to explore Wi-Fi settings
After exploring Wi-Fi settings, navigate
downwards and click on Wi-Fi Preferences

From the next options, select advanced

With that done, you will have access to activate
Wi-Fi calls
To do that, click on the Wi-Fi Calling icon

Then swipe the icon to ON in order to start making calls on your Wi-Fi network