How to Open a Nigeria PayPal Account

How to Open a Nigeria PayPal Account
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PayPal is a highly recognized banking medium and this is why
it has numerous users across the globe. As a banking facility, a PayPal account
may be used in carrying out transactions which involve receiving or making
payments. Today, PayPal operates in almost every country in the world and this
makes it one of the most popular global banking platforms.

PayPal is a banking medium you can connect with your local
bank account in order to make online payments for items purchased. When you do
this, nobody (including the person you’re purchasing items from) will be able
to view the details of your local bank account. Nowadays, PayPal has become one
of the best mediums for making payments on several global e-commerce platforms
such as Ebay, Amazon, Aliexpress, Gearbest and Godaddy.
With the information above, I’m sure you would like to open a PayPal account as a Nigerian. Therefore, this article will guide you on how
to open a Nigeria PayPal account. But as you use open a PayPal account, be
informed that there are specific restrictions imposed on the use of PayPal in
Steps to Open a Nigeria Paypal Account

to access the PayPal website
Click on the Menu option (NOTE: This is found at the top left-hand side)
With the Menu
option explored, another option implying PERSONAL
will be displayed (NOTE: There is a V-shaped symbol very close to this)
Tap the Sign
button (This is found below the PERSONAL
A new page will be loaded and this is a form
page containing the input fields for opening a Personal Account (NOTE: PayPal
can be used in opening two kinds of accounts namely (I) Business Account and
(II) Personal Account, but in Nigeria, Personal Account is the only available
For the first form page, you’re to provide your
e-mail address and choose a strong password
Then, confirm the chosen password and click on Continue to proceed with the next step
With that done, the second form page will pop up
and here, you’re required to provide all the personal details in question
(NOTE: Your Street Address 1 –as required
for PayPal registration –must not be different from the one you provided while
registering for your local bank account. Ensure you comply with this
instruction especially if you wish to connect the ATM card of your local bank
account with the Paypal account you’re to open)
For the input field tagged with Street Address 2, you’re not required
to provide any details. Just leave the input field and click on the icon under Mobile

Clicking on the stated icon means you’re ready
to accept Privacy Policy and User Agreement
Click on the Agree icon
After that, click on the Continue button to proceed

With the above instructions completed, your
PayPal registration is successful but to start using the account, you will be
required to verify it