How to Recover Lost iPhone Data from iCloud

How to Recover Lost iPhone Data from iCloud
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IPhone data could be lost due to a number of reasons.
Whether you accidentally deleted your iPhone data or lost it through iPhone
upgrade, there is always a suitable solution for recovering the data.

Your important iPhone files such as voice memos, videos and
songs are automatically backed up in your iCloud account as long as you’ve
already opened iCloud before. In reality, your iPhone files are of paramount
importance and you wouldn’t just afford losing them forever. In order to guide
against such loss, iPhone Data Recovery finds you the best solution in
restoring any files whether accidentally deleted or lost through other means.
Obviously, iPhone Data Recovery is a professional recovery tool that is compatible
with devices such as iPod, iPad and iPhone.
Regardless of the type of iPhone you use or the kind of
iPhone file you wish to recover, iPhone Data Recovery offers you an effective
solution you can always depend on. As you stick with this post, you will learn
the easy steps you can follow in order to restore any deleted iPhone data from
your iCloud account.
Steps to Recover Lost iPhone Data from iCloud

If you already have iPhone Data Recovery
installed on your iPhone, open the app and login to your iCloud account
Before you can login to your iCloud account, you
first have to launch iCloud and click on the option implying Recover from
iCloud Backup File
(NOTE: This is where your iPhone data is automatically
backed up in case you need to restore it)
To gain access to your iCloud account, provide
your login details (NOTE: These are your Apple ID and password)
On the next page, your backed-up iPhone data
will be displayed (Here are the iPhone files backed up automatically in your
iCloud account in case you have to recover them)
Now, you will have to specify the file you wish
to restore and tap the Download icon
After the download, extract the backed up
files by tapping the same icon once again
With that done, you can now have a preview of
the scanned files so that you may specify the actual ones to restore by
clicking on them