How to Renew GoTV Subscription via QuickTeller

How to Renew GoTV Subscription via QuickTeller
Image Credit: Naij Nigeria

GoTV is one of the best providers of digital entertainment
in Nigeria. As a vibrant digital platform, its operations have been spanned
across many Nigerian cities in order to bridge the competitive gap among the
other digital service providers such as StarTimes and DSTV.

In order to retain its existing customers and attract a
multitude of prospective subscribers, GoTV has a pretty range of subscription
methods which can displace subscribers’ need to visit GoTV outlets whenever
they want to pay their subscription bills. With this information, I’m sure you
have just realized how interesting it would seem to renew your GoTV
subscription right from the pleasure of your residence.
There are a number of methods for GoTV users to pay their
subscription bills. With respect to this, subscribers can use specific online
platforms to ensure their subscriptions are actualized within few minutes and
without any hassle.
This article guides you on how to use QuickTeller in renewing your GoTV subscription. In point of fact, QuickTeller is an
easy-to-use facility that serves banking purposes such as transfer of funds,
urgent bill payment and direct airtime purchase.
Steps to Renew GoTV Subscription via QuickTeller

Before you visit the QuickTeller website, ensure
your GoTV decoder is switched on
With the above instruction noted, enter to
access the QuickTeller website
On the webpage, choose the suitable GoTV bouquet
for the subscription renewal (Here, you can choose between GoTV and GoTV Plus
based on the GoTV bouquet you use)
With that done, fill in the IUC number of your
GoTV decoder (NOTE: The IUC number is contained in the red sticker attached to
the back of your GoTV decoder)
Provide user details including email address and
phone number
To proceed with the subscription renewal, select
the Next button
Now, QuickTeller will redirect you to the page
where you can safely make the payment
To make the payment, choose your card type such
as Verve, Master or Visa
Then input your debit card details as required
To complete the subscription payment, select the
Pay button (NOTE: This transaction
attracts the sum of #100)

With the above steps completed, your
subscription will be activated in a matter of minutes. Likewise, you will
receive a credit entry in your GoTV account