How to Renew StarTimes Subscription at the ATM (via QuickTeller)

How to Renew StarTimes Subscription at the ATM (via QuickTeller)
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StarTimes is one of the modern providers of digital
entertainment. It offers viewers a variety of interesting channels which
beautify moments of entertainment. To ensure its subscribers remain tuned to
their realm of digital entertainment, StarTimes makes it convenient for them to
renew their digital subscriptions through various methods.

In past moments, it was quite awkward to renew StarTimes
subscriptions but since the introduction of specific methods, it has become a
fascinating task to renew StarTimes subscription even from the comfort of one’s
Nowadays, QuickTeller is one of the safest and most
convenient mediums for Nigerians to renew their StarTimes subscriptions. On any
grounds, users of QuickTeller can testify to this fact because as a banking
facility, QuickTeller guarantees you access to various banking tasks even without
visiting any nearby bank branch.
To give Nigerian subscribers the convenience they so much
desire, QuickTeller allows them to renew their StarTimes subscription through
various sources including the QuickTeller mobile app, the ATM and the
QuickTeller website.
In this post, you will be guided on how you can easily pay
your StarTimes bill at the ATM. The ATM is an easy-to-use banking facility and
as implied earlier, QuickTeller allows StarTimes users to renew their
subscriptions at the ATM.
Steps to Renew StarTimes Subscription at the ATM

Visit a nearby ATM centre and slot your ATM card
into the machine
On the on-screen menu, click on QuickTeller

Then select Pay

Select your account type –such as current or
savings account
Select the button that indicates Others

After that, the next step will require you to
input Merchant Code

To complete this step, provide the 6-digit
number 240534 as the Merchant Code

After that, you will be required to provide Customer Reference

Fill your smartcard number in the field
specified for Customer Reference

The next on-screen information will show the
amount of transaction
Accept the amount by choosing the PROCEED button

To complete the transaction, comply with the
next instructions