How to Renew StarTimes Subscription via QuickTeller

How to Renew StarTimes Subscription via QuickTeller
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Without doubts, StarTimes is one of the features which add
excitement to our world of digital entertainment. It provides some of the best
channels viewers can always rely on for various digital entertainments such as
music, sports, Nollywood movies and so on.

In reality, StarTimes is an interesting digital platform to
use but it is quite surprising that some people still find it difficult to
renew their StarTimes subscription. Probably, this could be as a result of the
various methods available for StarTimes users to renew their subscriptions.
There are a number of subscription methods for StarTimes
users to remain glued to their exciting moments of digital entertainment.
Meanwhile, some of these methods are suitable for those who would like to renew
their subscriptions via online platforms. Alternatively, StarTimes users can
pay for their subscriptions via their mobile phones without visiting any nearby
StarTimes Service Centre. As a matter of fact, this variety of subscription
options is a good reason for StarTimes users to experience convenience in
course of renewing subscriptions.
In this article, you will be guided on how to use
QuickTeller in renewing your StarTimes subscription. But before you’re shown
the step-by-step guide for renewing your StarTimes subscription, it is worthy
to mention that QuickTeller is one of the quickest and safest online facilities
for people to perform various transactions such as bill payment. By using
QuickTeller, you’re sure to find out one of the best ways to to renew your
StarTimes subscription from the pleasure of your home.
Steps to Renew StarTimes Subscription via QuickTeller

Ensure your Verve card or Interswitch debit card
is available
Then, visit the link
Now, you’re required to attempt a registration
process by providing your mobile number and your email address
After the registration, you will receive an
activation code in your email (NOTE: This is the code required to activate your
With your account successfully activated, choose
the Startimes option (This option is
found under CABLE TV BILLS)
Then input your customer details to proceed with
the next step
Wait for the details to be verified and after
this verification, you will be taken to the payment page
Click on your card type on the payment page
Enter your card details as requested
QuickTeller will show you a receipt confirming
your transaction. Likewise, you will receive such a receipt in your email
Meanwhile, StarTimes acknowledges subscription
payments instantly to ensure your account is restored in a matter of minutes
–probably 3 to 6 minutes