How to Subscribe to Airtel 4.5GB Data for #1000

How to Subscribe to Airtel 4.5GB Data for #1000
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Airtel Nigeria has come again with a magnificent data bundle
which will obviously wow its premium customers. This actual data plan is
suitable for all Airtel users but on a more sincere note, it is best suited for
YouTube addicts who can’t just do without online video streaming. In that case,
the plan is popularly known as YouTube Plus Pack as it gives YouTube lovers
their best internet experience.

The breakdown of this 4.5GB for #1000 is that Airtel gives
you the usual 1.5GB Android data and supplements it with the free data of 3.5GB
which is specified for YouTube video streaming. Meanwhile, this video streaming
is only valid between 1:00 AM and 5:00 AM in the night.
This data plan –popularly dubbed YouTube Plus Pack –is an
exciting advantage for Airtel users to enjoy free night YouTube browsing which
includes prolonged video streaming (from 1 AM to 5 AM). For the free YouTube
night browsing, users are given a total of 3.5GB while the primary and usual
1.5GB –also known as Android data –can be used for any online activity
regardless of the time of day or the website in use. In a nutshell, no data
charges will be deducted from your 1.5GB Android data when you browse YouTube at night (from 1:00 to 5:00 AM).
On a more explanatory note, the use of Airtel YouTube Plus
Pack is typical of a dual subscription system which combines a YouTube
subscription with an Android subscription. In that case, the free 3.5GB is
suitable for YouTube video streaming (at night) while the base Android
subscription of 1.5GB can be used for any online purpose at any time of day.  Without any doubts, this is not only a
whopping offer from Airtel but also a great opportunity for Airtel subscribers
to experience the amazing moments of night video streaming.
Steps to Subscribe to Airtel YouTube Plus Pack (4.5GB for

Like many other Android packs, this data bundle is valid for
one month and as implied previously, it combines 1.5GB of normal data with 3.5GB
of YouTube data to give a total of 4.5GB. Before you subscribe to this plan,
ensure you have at least #1000 in your account balance. Then you can activate
the plan by dialing *323*31# from your Airtel SIM.