How to Transfer Data on Airtel

How to Transfer Data on Airtel
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Mobile network operators –such as MTN, Airtel and Glo –make
it convenient for subscribers to share out of their excess data to friends or
other beneficiaries. In reality, you may have to share out of your enormous
data bundle for specific reasons. For instance, you can transfer data
to somebody who needs it in exchange for money. And if you have a plethora of
data on your Airtel SIM, then you surely have a million reasons to smile and
receive some beautiful cash.

The awesome aspect of this post is that Airtel is one of the
network operators that allow you to transfer data in case there is need to do
so. In as much as the validity of your Airtel data has a fixed limit, it is
advisable that you share out of it to somebody who is in extreme need of
This informative article is just your perfect guide on how
to transfer Airtel data and quite interestingly, this becomes a reality with
the help of a USSD code which you simply dial from your phone. To enjoy this
transfer facility, you do not need to connect your phone with the internet.
Just with the help a USSD code, you’re definitely on the go!
Before we take you to the core of this post, it is important
that we highlight some of the restrictions applied to this transfer
facility. As you prepare to use the transfer medium, you’re required to note
The data you’re to share must not exceed 90% of
your data bundle
The data you’re to share must not be less than
Moreover, you’re not allowed to transfer Android
and Blackberry bundles
Now that you’re aware of the restrictions above, follow the
steps below to share Airtel data with your needy friends and family members.
Steps to Transfer Data on Airtel

To transfer MB from your Airtel SIM to a
beneficiary, simply dial the code *141*1*5#

The subsequent on-screen menu displays the
instructions required to change your transfer PIN and even share your data to friends/relatives (NOTE: Your default transfer PIN –set by Airtel –is 1234. So,
you can easily change this to your desired 4-digit PIN for data transfer)