How to Transfer Data (Using MTN Data Share)

How to Transfer Data (Using MTN Data Share)
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Would you like to share out of your surplus MTN data?
Funnily, some people do not know it is possible to share their data such as MB
and GB to beneficiaries. But for the fact that you have stumbled on this article,
you must now admit that you can share out of your surplus megabytes to friends.

In this informative article, you will be guided on how you
can share out of your MTN data to relatives, friends and other beloved ones who
are just in need of some data to browse the web.
However, if you’re to share MTN data using MTN Data Share,
be informed that the service works with specific MTN data bundles. Therefore,
it is important to find out these MTN bundles before you activate MTN Data
Share on your SIM card. Now, click HERE to see the data plans that work for MTN
Data Share.
Steps to Transfer Data Using MTN Data Share

First and foremost, bear in mind that you will
need to attempt the registration procedure for MTN Data Share before you can
transfer data to beneficiaries
To do this, create a text message with the word REG and forward it to 131 (Alternatively, you can simply dial
the code *131*2*1#

After the registration, MTN will send you a
4-digit PIN (NOTE: This is your security PIN for data transfer and you’re
required to change it to a new and confidential 4-digit PIN that is very easy
for you to remember)
The default transfer PIN for MTN Data Share is 0000 but you can change this to your
desired PIN by following the next step below;
Create an SMS with the content OLD PIN NEW PIN
and forward it to 131. If for instance you wish to change your data transfer
PIN to 1111, you can create the text
message in this format 0000 1111 1111
and send it to 131 (Alternatively,
you can change the PIN by dialing *131*2*5#

With the PIN changed successfully, you will be
required to include the names of beneficiares –the maximum of 5 beneficiaries
(NOTE: These beneficiaries are the people you’re allowed to share your MTN data
To add beneficiaries to your MTN Data Share
profile, you can create a text message with the word Add and send it to 131
(Alternatively, you can simply dial the code *131*2*3#

To start sharing MTN data to your beneficiaries,
dial the code *131*2*4# or create an
SMS with the word Share. Then send
the SMS to 131