The Ways To Build Your Business: Buy a URL

Building your business takes time. By the time I made enough money in my copywriting business to be able to consistently take over paying some of our household bills, I had been at it for three years. It’s not something that can be rushed. However, there are steps that you can take, early on, that will be of tremendous help later. Buying your domain is one of those. I know. I had a domain for a long time before I bought Working Mama Media.

The Ways To Build Your Business: Buy a URL

Domain names are tricky. First, you have the issue of money. Not a lot of people want to shell out the money to pay for the name of their company as a URL when they’ve already gone through the painstaking process of naming the business to start with. Trying to find an acceptable URL can be like attempting to decide on a company name all over again. The URL you want might even be owned by someone else! How annoying would that be? Either way, having the forward thinking to go ahead and plan for and own a domain name for your small business can be worth the effort, especially down the road. One day, you might need your own domain name in a pinch but find that none of them are available. Going ahead and investing in a URL now can save you the hassle of being in this situation in the future. Here are a few more reasons to invest in a URL for your small business:

You will be in control. While you decide the content that you post on your website, it is still linked to the hosting site if you do not pay for your own URL. Any site that you use for your website or blog will have limitations. Whether it is the layout, page limit, or content, when you are thinking professionally, you will want to be in charge of every single aspect of your business. You should not be limited to what one site tells you that you can do. You want your business to be able to grow in the future, not stay stagnant.

You will influence search results. When people are searching for you and your company, odds are the first page of websites will have mixed results. You could get results for people, products, and even places that don’t have anything to do with your business. There could be some kind of word combination somewhere deep down in those web pages that make Google believe that they go together. Either way, if you invest in a URL, the first several search results should be to your website if you’ve done your SEO correctly. URL’s rank higher in Google and other search engine results than just website titles and content alone.

You will build credibility and your business’ reputation. Let’s face it. Owning a URL is cool. How many times have you Googled some obscure company you saw in passing and found their website just to fall instantly in love with it? First impressions are everything. And owning the URL to your site instead of letting it be hosted by someone else shows your dedication. Your business’ reputation will also improve upon owning your own URL.

You can add an email address tied to your company. This gives you a lot of credibilities. It makes you look like a professional, which, of course, further helps to build your reputation.

These benefits mean a lot for the future of your company. They can make or break the business you are receiving. Prices for domain names have cheapened over the past several years. It is now a small price to pay for having a reputable business. Consider investing in a URL for your small business. It just might help your sales.

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