Top 4 Mobile Applications You Should Have as a New Blogger

Top 4 Mobile Applications You Should Have as a New Blogger
Image Credit: Techknol

To many bloggers, computer systems are seen as the major
gadgets for blogging purposes. But in reality, computer systems –both laptops
and PCs –are bulky gadgets which might be awkward to convey from one place to
the other.

For bloggers to access their blogs frequently and keep them
updated with the necessary blogging contents, mobile gadgets are certainly
needed. Since many bloggers can’t afford to carry their computers to every
destination, then mobile phones should fill the void as perfect alternatives.
This article reviews some of the mobile applications bloggers should have on their Android phones. And so long as blogging
necessitates the use of mobile gadgets, we believe these Android-enabled
applications are worthy of reviews. In case you can’t easily vouch for your
computer systems, below are some of the mobile apps that should fulfill your
blogging needs.
Blogger Android App

If you’re a new blogger who uses Blogger/Blogspot as a
blogging avenue, you shouldn’t hesitate to download and install this app. Why
am I emphasizing this?
Blogger Android App maintains an easy-to-use interface that
allows you to perfom blogging tasks without any difficulty. In reality, this
app enables you to set up a blog and grants you access to all the features,
labels and even enhancement tools you need to create blog contents and spruce
up the look of the blog.

AndFtp is a server manager and effective Android app that is
most recommended to bloggers who are on customized blogging avenues such as
Joomla and
As a professional server manager, AndFtp enables you customize
your blog contents including posts and other features. Meanwhile, this is
simply made possible on your Android phone.

For bloggers who are on Blogger/Blogspot, Xplore is a highly
recommendable file manager which makes it easy to edit blog posts and features.
With this app, you can easily edit your blog’s design and layout features such
as themes. To use template codes for your blog, you may have to edit and read
them before eventually saving them. This could seem boring to do on your mobile phone
but with the help of Xplore, everything is just pretty easy.
Puffin Browser

For browsing purposes especially on Android devices, Puffin
Browser is one of the apps you can always rely on. This browser sports an excellent
user interface which makes you realize your blog’s layout and look on desktop
view. Puffin Browser gives you an impression of what your visitors experience when they view your blog using the desktop view.