4 Things to Note Before Obtaining 2018 Jamb Form

4 Things to Note Before Obtaining 2018 Jamb Form
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It’s no longer news that 2018 JAMB form is now available for
sale and thousands of university aspirants are in haste of obtaining theirs. As
we all know, JAMB is a yearly examination which university aspirants are
expected to sit for before they can be admitted to their respective tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

With regard to the information above, we have tried to
gather some of the important things you should note before obtaining 2018 JAMB
form. Also, you’re implored to comply with these instructions to avoid making
mistakes that might cost you your admission chances.
Be Sure of the Course You Wish to Study

Some university aspirants are ignorant of the courses they
should study. They think they can just venture into courses without prior
understanding of those courses and their requirements.
As a university aspirant, you’re strongly encouraged
not  to choose a course because your
friends have chosen it but because you have in-depth knowledge of the course.
Moreover, you must be passionate about studying a course before choosing it just because passion is what stimulates the ability to persevere in a
course of study.
Find Out the Best Subject Combination for Your Course

For any course you wish to study, JAMB makes Use of English
a compulsory subject to be included. In that case, you need to find out the
three other subjects best suited for you preferred course.
Asking friends about the suitable subject combination is not
the best option and to be on the safest side, use JAMB Brochure for 2018 to
find out the most appropriate subject combination for your chosen course.
The task of finding out your suitable subject combination is
very important and you’re strongly cautioned never to handle it with levity. In
fact, your admission chances can be in vain if you have a wrong subject
combination whereas your WAEC grades and JAMB score are good enough.
Be Careful about the Name You Provide

Your name combination is very important and if it is
misspelt, you can lose your chances of being admitted. Both your surname and
actual name should be combined and spelt appropriately so that your chosen
university doesn’t deny your admission status even after it has been confirmed
by JAMB.
To avoid mistakes which can result from this, make sure the name combination you use for JAMB registration is the same you have on
vital documents such as WAEC result/other `O’ Level result, birth certificate
and certificate of citizenship.
Don’t Change Your Date of Birth

Due to the fact that Nigerian federal universities do not admit
university aspirants who are below the age of 16, some people try to change
their dates of birth. This is very risky as your admission could be nullified
immediately your school or JAMB discover that you submitted a wrong date of