5 Reasons Why a Facebook Account Could Be Banned

5 Reasons Why a Facebook Account Could Be Banned
Image Credit: TnKWolfe
Every ambitious or enthusiastic Facebook user realizes the
value of their Facebook accounts. Through Facebook accounts, numerous people
have the opportunity to pursue their social interests and this makes Facebook
one of the most-visited social networks across the globe.
In actuality, there are some unintended actions that might
“harm’’ your Facebook account or frustrate your social presence on Facebook.
By the word “harm’’, it is believed that your Facebook account could be
banned/disabled for specific reasons. In other circumstances, you may be banned
from using certain Facebook features such as sharing posts/links to Facebook
In this article, you will have the great opportunity to find
out some of the reasons why your Facebook account may be banned, removed or
Owning Two or More Facebook Accounts

This sounds strange but it is actually true. Facebook
doesn’t really welcome the policy of keeping two or more accounts for just one
person. If you own two or more Facebook accounts, Facebook can ban or remove
some of these duplicate accounts. Therefore, you’re better advised not to keep
more than one Facebook account.
Giving Likes to Fan Pages Excessively

In reality, Facebook doesn’t forbid your activity of giving
likes to fan pages but if this isn’t done reasonably, Facebook might decide to
crackdown on your account. Facebook sets daily limit to the number of fan pages
you’re permitted to like. So, be cautious never to go beyond the limit.
Posts and Pictures That May Provoke Annoyance

Like many other social networks, Facebook is a public community where your actions can be seen. In that case, you’re strongly
cautioned never to create offensive posts such as updates that may provoke
serious annoyance. In fact, Facebook admins expect you to preserve your dignity
by respecting others through comments, updates and other posts.
Sending Friend Requests Excessively

Facebook sets limit to the number of friend requests you can
send on a daily basis. Also, Facebook notifies you when you reach the daily
limit of friend requests. But if you decide to ignore this notification,
Facebook admins might not hesitate to penalize you. Besides, it could be
offensive to send friend requests to strangers. To be on the safe side, don’t
send friend requests to strangers unless you need to discuss reasonable things
with them.
Sharing Posts/Links to Groups Continuously

You’re permitted to share posts/links to Facebook groups but
sharing too many posts/links in a rapid manner can give Facebook the impression
that you’re a bot. Consequently, you might be banned from sharing posts/links
probably for some hours.