Basic Documents Required For Scholarship Applications

Basic Documents Required For Scholarship Applications

I have always said that it is essential to be prepared for any scholarship application prior to its advertisement because this will reduce the workload that comes with the applying. But taking into consideration that some of you may have never applied for a scholarship or have simply forgotten the documents which was asked of in a former application, here are some basic documents which are almost always requested for in any scholarship application:

 Copies of transcripts
A transcript is an official document that shows a list of a student’s classes or courses offered and the results he/she received for each of them. If you are applying for a scholarship, this is a pre requisite. If you have not requested yours yet, apply for it before you start filling out your application form because it may take time to process.

Proof of language proficiency
This is another document requested especially if you are not a native of the country you are applying to. There are various exams you are requested to write to show how fluent you are in a language. Examples are: IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge [English]; DEL, DALF [French]; DSH, OSD, TestDaF, telc [German]; DELE [Spanish].

Test scores
SAT, ACT, GRE and other test scores are documents needed especially by applicants applying for an undergraduate degree while your cumulative GPA is needed for graduate programs.

Copy of passport/ID
This is especially for applicants applying to study in a foreign country. The sponsors have to be sure you are ready to fly over when offered. Now this does not mean you have to send the whole booklet to them, the main page containing your photo and personal information is all that is needed.

Personal Statement/ Statement of purpose/ Letter of motivation
This is a page of about 400 words in which you explain why you applied for the chosen course and how it relates to your future studies and career goals.

CV (Curriculum Vitae)/Resume
This is particularly applicable to post graduate and research applicants detailing all their skills and past work experiences to enable the sponsors evaluate them further.

Letter of recommendation 
The letter of recommendation is used to evaluate your personal and work relationship with people and also allow the sponsors see you from another viewpoint.

Always have these copies of documents to enable you fill in applications with ease