Comparison between and

Comparison between and
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Many new bloggers mistake and
for each other. Although it is correct that the two of them are blogging platforms, is the authentic option best suited for those bloggers
who have great ambitions.

In order to ease the task of differentiating between the two
platforms and even specifying the better option, this article will review them
one after the other. is a self-hosted blogging platform and as an
open source blogging service, it may be used by anyone. is very
popular and thousands of seasoned bloggers prefer it to any other blogging
platform. To get started with, there are few things you need to
do. First and foremost, you will purchase a domain name and then subscribe to a
web hosting service. Doing this will keep your site active on the internet.
In point of fact, offers you a number of
benefits which fortify your blogging experience. If you choose to use, below are some of the premium benefits you’re bound to enjoy:
Absolute freedom to customize your blog based on
your preference
Absolute control over the management or set-up
of your blog
Easy set-up and management of blog features
Your blog and its entire database belongs to you
(Nobody can phase out your blog so long as you don’t engage in illegitimate
You’re allowed to equip your blog with WordPress
features ranging from free to custom apps and plugins
You’re allowed to place your own ads on your
blog and even make money
Ø grants you access to superb tools
such as Google Analytics is a blogging platform set up by Matt
Mullenweg who is one of the founding members of WordPress. and were set up by the same person. In view of this, some new
bloggers mistake one for the other. is a free to use blogging
platform and by reason of this, its users may be restricted to low-quality
blogging features. Basically, the blog hosting platform comes with a number of
plans (about 5 different plans). The basic plan is free to use
but in order to unlock high-quality features, you have to upgrade to a paid
plan. Moreover, the price you pay varies according to the plan you subscribe
For the basic plan, you’re not required to pay any money but
you have very unlimited access to features. For a better
experience, below are the 4 paid plans and their respective prices.
Personal ($36 on a yearly basis)
Premium ($99 on a yearly basis)
Business ($299 on a yearly basis)
VIP (Beginning with $5000 on a monthly basis) is interesting to use especially if you’re not
really crazy about making money from blogging. As a free blog hosting platform, grants you limited access and this is just why it has more
disadvantages. Below are some of the disadvantages:
If you’re using the free plan, your visitors
will be shown WordPress ads whereas these ads don’t yield you any profit
If you’re using a free plan, you’re not
authorized to sell ads on your site. But if you need to make money through the
ad service known as WordAds, you can upgrade to the Business plan or the
Premium plan
The free plan bars you from uploading plugins to
your website
Users of free plan are not authorized to use
custom themes
All free plan users are barred from using
premium tools such as Google Analytics
If you go against Terms of Service
as a free plan user, your site can be phased out in no time