How to Access 3G Browsing Speed on 2G Data Plan

How to Access 3G Browsing Speed on 2G Data Plan
Image Credit: Matrudev

It is very interesting to access 3G browsing speed even when
you’re on a 2G data plan. In many cases, 2G network doesn’t give you the
browsing experience you desire. Surely, everyone likes to surf the internet
without any hassle that might result when web pages load slowly.

To ensure you have a feel of some amazing internet
experience, network operators offer 3G data plans. Basically, these plans are
best suited for 3G connections and are expected to give you a preferable
browsing speed.
Everyone likes to enjoy speedy browsing but the fact that 3G
data plans are a bit costly makes it difficult for some people to subscribe to
them. As lower alternatives, these people resort to 2G data plans.
Without digressing further, this article will show you how
to access 3G browsing speed even when you are using a 2G-specific data plan.
But as you attempt to  enjoy 3G browsing speed on a 2G-specific data plan, be informed that it is only your browsing
speed that will be increased to 3G. In that case, you will continue using the
normal 2G speed in downloading files. Also note that this trick (of changing
from 2G to 3G browsing speed) might not be supported on all networks.
Steps to Access 3G Browsing Speed on 2G Data Plan

Explore the Menu
of your phone and navigate to Settings

Under Settings,
click on Wireless and Network

From the emerging options, select More Options

Click on Mobile

In case you’re using a dual-SIM device, click on
Select SIM Card

Now choose the network/SIM with an active data
After that, locate the icon indicating Network Mode and choose it
On the emerging screen, there are three network
modes including WCDMA/GSM Mode, WCDMA Only and GSM Only

To start browsing with 3G speed, tap WCDMA Only and restart your mobile