How to Activate 100% Data Bonus on Glo

How to Activate 100% Data Bonus on Glo
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If you’re conversant with data subscription, you should
easily agree that all the leading Nigerian network providers (inclusive of MTN,
Glo, Airtel and 9Mobile) are giving out 100% data bonuses to their subscribers.
 Practically, each network provider is
committed to retaining its customers by emulating the services of its

With the information above, it is understood that the 4
major network providers offer the 100% data bonus to their subscribers but with
restrictions in certain cases. Many Airtel subscribers have been enjoying this
data service but the only shortcoming is that some other Airtel subscribers are
not eligible for the offer. Don’t be surprised that after buying and
registering a new Airtel SIM, you might not be eligible for the bonus offer.
Unfortunately, this is applicable to MTN in the sense that some MTN SIMs are
not compatible with the 100% data bonus offer.
Nevertheless, the good news is that every Glo subscriber
(whether new or old) is eligible for the 100% data bonus offer. With this said,
Glo is obviously the only network provider without any restrictions in the use
of the 100% double data offer. If you’re a Glo subscriber, just check out the
steps below to get started with the 100% data bonus offer.
Steps to Activate 100% Data Bonus on Glo

Subscribe to any of Glo’s official data bundles.
To do this, simply dial *777#

After the subscription, start using the data
without deactivating the auto-renewal mode
When you exhaust the purchased data, Glo will
give you 100% bonus on the subsequent data plan that will be renewed
automatically (Therefore, you’re encouraged not to stop auto-renewal so that
Glo can automatically double your subsequent data plan)
If you don’t prefer following the steps explained
above, you can still enjoy 100% data bonus on your Glo SIM by following the
procedures below:
Buy Glo data via QuickTeller (This automatically
gives you 100% data bonus without the need to use the auto-renewal mode.
Whether your current data plan is associated with auto-renewal or not, Glo will
automatically double your data when purchased from QuickTeller)

As you receive the 100% data bonus, you will be
notified to always auto-renew your existing data plan before its expiration.
Doing this will keep you subscribed to the 100% data bonus offer