How to Become a Millionaire in 2018 Via Bitconnect Crypto-currency/Digital Gold

How to Become a Millionaire in 2018 Via Bitconnect Crypto-currency/Digital Gold

You have probably read several stories about the guys who bought $50 of Bitcoin 6 years ago and are now multi-millionaires. Even if you bought your first cryptocurrency at the beginning of 2017 you’re probably still pretty happy with the investment.

=>As it stands, by 2020 Bitcoin will get to the $1M ($1,000,000.) Mark. So just  registering/Buying Bitcoins alone is a huge investment. Dont have a Bitcoin wallet yet? Register for your own digital Gold wallet  (Bitcoin) now by clicking here

Early this year, 2017 as at January Bitcoin was $900 but currently 1 bitcoin is equivalent to $12500k …This is exceptionally amazing, and you are still seating down claiming ignorance. By the end of 2018, it will get to $40-100k without any doubt due to its increasing demand/mining .
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Some people haven’t settled for the gains to be made in an expanding market. Over the last couple of years, several Bitcoin investment schemes have popped up. One of those platforms is Bitconnect. On the face of things, there are some pretty impressive returns.

According to Users report, high rates of interest—sometimes up to 2% per day, as well as a very generous referral reward.
Just look at the price of BCC (Bitconnect Coin) over the past 8 months. It went from $0.16 to over $300 and currently $380.

That’s a ROI of 190,500%, which is pretty/exceptionally crazy.

Bitconnect coin

You’ll probably notice that BCC’s market cap has dropped dramatically on November 3rd 2017. 

This is practically  due to a  revised circulating supply calculation,” according to Coin Market Cap. Vitalik pointed out to TNW over email, it has not affected BitConnect Coin’s price.

That is very strange as such a huge change in coin circulation should have a massive effect on the price. 

=>What is Bitconnect?

 That’s a good question, I’m not sure anyone can provide a simple but yet practical  answer to this question. It seems like Bitconnect is trying to create a Bitcoin clone—with the main benefit being making money. Here’s  an interesting intro video for the company:

Bitconnect has  practically developed its own cryptocurrency to help users transact quickly via the inbuilt exchange domain.
Many Bitconnect investors are aggressively chasing rewards through the service. They appear to be latecomers to the market, who have missed the recent upsurge in Bitcoin value.
According to the website, Bitconnect utilizes a uniquely developed trading bot. It is known as “volatility software,” which takes advantage of the changing Bitcoin market. Bitcoin’s price can swing up and down by hundreds of dollars a day, so anyone who can predict these changes can make a fortune. That’s what the trading bot reportedly does, and loaning your Bitcoins to the software allows you to enjoy these returns.

Bitconnect lending terms
To make an investment, users must first buy the Bitconnect token with Bitcoin via the exchange. 
Then you will be able to loan the token to the Bitconnect bot. It is important to note that the investment stake is locked away, and can’t be accessed for or anywhere between 120 and 299 days. 
 Any interest earned is available to be immediately withdrawn.
Interestingly, referral codes come though the real moneymaker.
 Users with large followings (such as Cryptonick) earn a far greater return from this method. Hearing about this situation really raised the first questions in my mind. Is it a legitimate lending platform, or is it a modern Ponzi scheme? 
It all sounds too easy to make quick money.
So for example, if I bring in an active lender that loans out $100 BCC, I will receive a $5 commission. For any additional loans, I will receive additional commissions. But it gets even “better.” If that lender brings in additional lenders, I get 3% of their lending amount, as well as 2% of any additional lenders brought in by these lenders.

Bitconnect affiliate structre

What Is Bitconnect Up To? 

The question that keeps running through my mind is: ‘If there is this great trading bot, why would they let little old me use it?’

 In fact, the ‘special trading software’ line has been trotted out for every pyramid scheme under the sun. Take a look at the “promotional videos”: There’s nothing factual to see.
Simply look at how rich everybody is.


Delay is dangerous. I am a victim of this same situation. I had about  $300 worth of bitcoins but sold it at a cheaper rate because of the fear of loosing it due to the previous MMM  ponzi scheme Saga. Imagine how much $300 worth of bitcoin as at November,2016 will be now. I should be having more than 4-5 Bitcoin worth over $40k .

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