How to Download Files Using the Latest Airtel 1GB for #300

How to Download Files Using the Latest Airtel 1GB for #300
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Airtel is reputed for its variety of data plans which can be
enjoyed at affordable costs. One of its popular and cheap data plans is the
Airtel 1GB for #300. With just #300, this plan gives you the total of 1GB which
you can use for 25 days (Wow! That’s even more than 2 weeks). But before you
subscribe to this plan, don’t you think it has several restrictions?

Verily, the Airtel 1GB for #300  is one of the cool social
plans you can subscribe to probably because it is cheap. However, quite a few
Airtel users haven’t considered it mainly because it is a social plan which
might not be suitable for download purposes but for browsing social networks
like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.
Although your download magnitude is restricted to 5MB files,
this social plan perfectly works on Opera Mini browser. Nonetheless, there are
cheats you can use in downloading large files using the Airtel 1GB for #300.
In this article, you will be shown the cheat that lets you
download large files despite the fact that the Airtel 1GB for #300 is a social
Steps to Download Files with Airtel 1GB for #300

First and foremost, you have to download and
install Opera Mini version 7.5
After successful installation, open the app but
you won’t have to attempt any application set-up
Then scroll down to click on save

For the next step, switch on the data connection
of your phone
Now, you can browse the internet for the file
you’re to download
After that, find the download link for the file
you wish to download (NOTE: This is available on the download page)
Then press and hold the download link
From the pop-up options, select open in new tab (NOTE: You’re not
required to visit this tab)
Without hesitance, click on the reload icon to load the page once again
As the page reloads, the other tab you opened
initially will show up download options demanding that you choose between save and cancel (But please don’t click on the save button until the page reloads fully)

After the page has been reloaded completely, you
can then tap the save button