How to Enable Wi-Fi Calling on iPhone and Android

How to Enable Wi-Fi Calling on iPhone and Android
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Wi-Fi Calling is one of the modern smartphone features and
as a preferable signal option, it can serve as a replacement for a weak
cellular signal. Due to a number of factors (including your location), your
smartphone may have a weak cellular signal. As a severe drawback, this could
frustrate you a lot especially when you need to send text messages or make
urgent calls.
Poor cellular signals may hinder effective phone
conversations but in order to save yourself from this disgust, many smartphones
are built with carriers that support Wi-Fi Calling.
If you’re on a carrier that supports Wi-Fi Calling, you can
switch to a Wi-Fi Calling mode whenever you observe that your network coverage
is weak and might not serve you effectively.
Fortunately, your smartphone might have a strong Wi-Fi
signal even when your phone’s normal signal is poor in your location. Wi-Fi
Calling is now enabled on many Android and iPhone carriers. But because the
feature is not activated by default, you will need to turn it on manually by
following the suitable set up for your iPhone or Android carrier.
This article provides two step-by-step methods on how you
can enable Wi-Fi Calling on iPhone and Android devices respectively.
Steps to Enable Wi-Fi Calling on Android

On your Android device, navigate to Settings

Under Settings, you will find several options
Click on the option indicating Wireless and
in order to explore it
From the resulting options, select More

Then, navigate to Wi-Fi Calling to activate it
NOTE: You’re required to find the instructions provided by
your carrier because in certain cases, Android phones are designed to sport
differences in a number of features. For instance, some Android phones may have
a different name or location for Wi-Fi Calling. Probably, your Android phone
carrier should provide some instructions that will guide you.
Steps to Enable Wi-Fi Calling on iPhone

Ø   Navigate to the Settings menu of your iPhone
Under Settings, choose the Phone option
Provided under this option is Wi-Fi Calling

Use the slider in enabling Wi-Fi Calling