How to Know Who Visited Your Facebook Profile (via Android App)

Many Facebook users track each other’s accounts for one purpose or the other. Probably, somebody who is just getting to know you might feel like checking your profile to know the kind of person you are and what you’re given to doing.
In a few other cases, somebody could visit your Facebook profile regularly in order to cause some security damage or even hack your account.

Regardless of the reason for which Facebook users view the profiles of one another, it is a good thing that you know those who visited your Facebook profile recently. With that said, this article is a tutorial that will guide you on how to track those visiting your Facebook profile.
Tracking your Facebook visitors is an easy task to attempt
but you may need to install a web extension or a software app to help you in this quest. Findings show that there are a significant number of tools (ranging from web extensions to software apps) recommended for doing this.
But in order to help you, we evaluated several apps and discovered that Who Viewed My Profile is one of the genuine options you can try out.
As the name implies, Who Viewed My Profile is a professional
Android app that allows you to check your recent Facebook visitors. Precisely, the app is downloadable for every Android version and after having installed it, you will have the opportunity to explore the list of recent visitors of your Facebook profile.
Steps to Use “Who Viewed My Profile’’ in Seeing Your Facebook Profile Visitors
Follow this LINK to download the software
After the download, install the software app and open it to start using it
As you open the software app, you will find a link indicating Connect to Facebook. Click on this link
The next page requires that you provide your Facebook login details including email/username and password
With the login details provided, the software app will request your permission in order to track those who have visited your Facebook profile
To enable the software app use your permission in this regard, tap the Allow button (NOTE: You must grant this permission before the software app can proceed with the tracking)
After clicking on the Allow button as required, the software app will connect to your Facebook account successfully. Most importantly,
this will show you the names of your recent Facebook visitors