How to Set up a Cassava Farm in Nigeria

How to Set up a Cassava Farm in Nigeria
Image Credit: The Gfar Blog

A great deal of Nigerians consume cassava products such as
garri and foo-foo and for this reason, cassava farming is one of the leading
farming businesses you can do to starting earning robust profit. However, many
prospective Nigerian farmers are not thinking about cassava farming because of
the small capital layouts.

In Nigeria, the business of cassava farming requires
adequate knowledge of cassava breeds, soil fertility and some other
requirements. Meanwhile, reading this article will guide you on some of the
conditions you should have met before setting up a cassava farm in Nigeria.
Secure a Suitable Piece of Land for Your Cassava Farm

The first thing you need to set up a cassava farm is a
suitable piece of land (probably one acre of land or more depending on your
budget). For the adequate growth of your cassava, make sure the proposed land
is located in a geographical setting with moderate climate, sufficient rainfall and thoroughly-drained loamy soil. 
Importantly, the location of your cassava farm
is one of the factors that should determine your success as a cassava farmer.
So, make sure the area you have chosen (for cassava farming) has fertile soil.
If, for one reason or the other, you can’t get the most suitable site for your
cassava farm, read the next subtopic below to know how you can enhance the soil
fertility of the chosen site.
Enhance the Soil Fertility of the Site

Actually, you can enhance the soil fertility of your site
before you begin planting cassava stems. But again, this is really technical
and may cost you to spend extraordinarily. Meanwhile, some of the agricultural
procedures you can use in enhancing soil fertility for cassava planting are (i)
setting up proper seedbeds for your cassava, and (ii) adding fertilizers (such
as manure) to the soil
Choose the Most Suitable Cassava Type for Cultivation

Advisably, you need to find out the cassava type that is
best suited for the market conditions surrounding you. It is very important to
Know the cassava type your target consumers like as this may save you from
running out of profit. Moreover, ensure your desired cassava type is of great
quality and can withstand the effects of farm pests and other disadvantageous
factors that can hinder the growth of crops.
Choose the Stem Cuttings That Are of Good Quality

This is very essential because high-quality cassava stem
cuttings are one of the factors that can quicken the growth of your cassava
crops. If you’re keen to grow robust and fortified cassava crops, ensure you
buy the stem cuttings which have not been infected by pests. For your first
cultivation of cassava crops, you may need to order stem cuttings from a good
source –probably a reliable village farmer. But for the subsequent cultivation,
you do not need to buy cassava stem cuttings anymore because the ones in your
farm will serve the purpose.