How to Stop Auto-renewal of Your MTN Data

How to Stop Auto-renewal of Your MTN Data
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Automatic renewal is a feature common to all the leading
network providers in Nigeria. In reality, it has a few benefits but again, many
subscribers prefer to deactivate it and renew their data plans manually. If
you’re using the auto-renewal feature for your MTN data plan, MTN will deduct
the actual cost of the data plan from your account immediately the current
subscription expires.

Meanwhile, this is applicable to the other top networks
including Glo, Airtel and Etisalat and it could disappoint you especially when
you have proposed to make an important call with your current account balance.
As an MTN subscriber who is tired of this irking auto-renewal feature, this
article will show you the steps you should follow to prevent your data plan
from being renewed automatically when it expires.
Steps to Stop Auto-renewal of Your MTN Data

Stopping automatic renewal on your MTN SIM is a little bit
awkward because you have to know the code associated with your current MTN data
bundle. Whether your current MTN data is a quarterly, monthly, weekly or daily
plan, there is a code related to it. To help you in this quest, check out the
MTN data plans below and their various codes:
Data Plans
Validity Periods
50MB for #100
One day
150MB for #200
One day
150MB for #300
One week
500MB (plus 250 night-browsing bonus) for #500
One week
1GB (plus 500MB bonus) for #1000
One month
2.5GB (plus 1GB bonus) for #2000
One month
5GB for #3500
One month
10GB for #5000
One month
22GB for #10000
One month
50GB for #20, 000
Two months
85GB for #50, 000
Three months
After finding out the code associated with your current MTN
data plan, you can easily deactivate the auto-renewal feature by following the
procedures below;
Create a text message with the word NO and the code of the data plan
Let’s assume you’re currently using the monthly
5GB for #3500, you can deactivate the auto-renewal feature by creating an SMS
with NO107

Then send the text message to 131

With the above done, MTN will deactivate the
automatic renewal of your current data plan
If you don’t prefer using the steps above, you can
alternatively follow the steps below to cancel the auto-renewal of your current
MTN data plan:
From your MTN SIM, dial the code *123*5*1#

The resulting on-screen information will present
you a variety of options
Now, reply with option 2 to see the data plan
you’re currently subscribed to
At this point, you will have to reply once again
by providing the serial number of your current data plan
After that, you will be presented with the
instructions you’re to comply with in order to deactivate the auto-renewal of
your data plan