How to Stop Automatic Data Renewal on Your Airtel SIM

How to Stop Automatic Data Renewal on Your Airtel SIM
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To many subscribers, the auto-renewal feature is an annoying
thing to use. In certain situations, you may have to reserve your account
balance and if it escapes your memory that your current Airtel data plan has
expired, you will feel disappointed to see that Airtel has renewed your expired
data plan and deducted its cost from your account.

Basically, you will receive messages implying that your current
Airtel data plan expires very soon –probably today or in the next two days.
However, you may not have the grace to keep this within memory and immediately
your current data plan expires, Airtel won’t hesitate to deduct from your
account due to the auto-renewal feature.
Whether you believe it or not, the auto-renewal feature has
frustrated many Airtel subscribers (including those of the other networks).
Nevertheless, the good news is that these network providers (including Airtel)
allow you to deactivate the auto-renewal feature so that you can manually
decide when to renew your current data plan or even upgrade to a more
preferable option. With respect to this, this article will show you the steps
you can simply follow in order to prevent the auto-renewal of your current
Airtel data.
Unlike MTN, Airtel adopts easy steps for deactivating the
automatic data renewal feature. Regardless of the kind of Airtel data plan
you’re currently using, you can follow the same steps in order to cancel the
auto-renewal feature.
Steps to Prevent Auto-renewal of Your Current Airtel Data

The steps for deactivating the auto-renewal of your Airtel
data come in three ways. You can attempt each of the three ways in form of a
text message. See the information below to use any of the three steps:
Create a text message with the word Stop and send it to 140

Alternatively, you can create an SMS with the
word DEACTIVATE and send it to 440 (This is best suited for BlackBerry

In another way, you can create a text message
with the content STOPAUTORENEW and
send it to 440