How to Subscribe to Airtel 3GB for #1500

How to Subscribe to Airtel 3GB for #1500
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Within Nigeria’s telecom industry, Airtel is unarguably one
of the network operators with beautiful varieties of cheap data plans. A vast
number of Airtel users can affirm that this is one of the interesting reasons
why Airtel’s customer base has expanded massively in Nigeria.

Besides offering cheap data plans, Airtel’s network coverage
offers reliable internet connection in various Nigerian regions. In fact, a
multitude of Nigerian internet users argue that Airtel is more preferable than
Glo in terms of reliable and speedy internet browsing. In reality, Glo offers
the cheapest data plans you would always love to enjoy but the major drawback
is that the network operator does not really provide its subscribers with the
reliable network coverage that can magnify their browsing experience. On the
other hand, Airtel is just one of the networks you can trust for interesting
browsing experience such as swift download of files and smooth online video
Airtel has kept on overwhelming its users with bountiful
data offers such as the Airtel 6GB you can subscribe to with just #1500. On any
grounds, this is a splendid data offer to have but again, quite a few Airtel
users have complained that the offer is only available on selected Airtel SIM
cards. To compensate for that, this article is a review of another amazing offer of 3GB which you get at the rate of #1500. you might be crazy about the
Airtel 6GB for #1500 but I believe this is yet a preferable alternative that
should make up for that.
Code to Subscribe to Airtel 3GB for #1500

Ensure you have at least #1500 in your account balance. Then
dial *435*2# from your eligible Airtel SIM card. Also, this data plan is valid
for one month and can be used on all kinds of internet-enabled devices
inclusive of Windows, IOS, Android and Java.
N:B Just like the case of Airtel 6GB for #1500, this data
plan is suitable for selected Airtel SIM cards. Due to this, it is advisable
that you confirm if your Airtel SIM is eligible or not before you attempt to
subscribe. To find out whether your Airtel SIM is eligible or not, ensure your
account balance is less than #1500. Then, dial the subscription code *435*2#
after dialling this code, Airtel will send you an in-time message. If the
message implies “Dear Customer, you have
insufficient balance to purchase this bundle. Please load credit and try
again’’, that means your Airtel SIM qualifies you for this plan.