How to Subscribe to Airtel 6GB for #1500

How to Subscribe to Airtel 6GB for #1500
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At times, Airtel offers crazy data plans that keep you
wondering the value of cheapness. Quite a few people believe cheap things are
not worth spending money on but if you’re an ardent Airtel subscriber, you
certainly have a good reason to opt for cheap things.

Many subscribers are familiar with some of the normal data
plans such as 1.5GB for #1000 but here, Airtel has just gone beyond your
expectation with the cheapest plan you can afford to subscribe to. If you’re
bent on spending less to receive a massive amount of data, I guess Airtel is
just the perfect network for you.

Airtel has come up with an exciting offer that will surely
hold its subscribers spellbound. With this offer, you’re sure to get the total
of 6GB for just #1500. Most interestingly, this plan is compatible with a broad
range of devices including Windows, PC, IOS and Android. With this
mouthwatering offer, it is obvious that Airtel is determined to emulate Glo
–one of its Nigerian counterparts in the telecommunications industry.
Some subscribers might argue that this offer is only a hoax
but the fact is that it is tested and trusted. Quite a few subscribers have
testified to it that it is genuine and trusted. This plan is just the cheapest
data plan you can enjoy as an Airtel subscriber. Moreover, it guarantees you
ultimate access to the internet for a period of 30 days.
At this juncture, it is important to clarify that this data
plan is for specific Airtel subscribers. So, don’t think it is supported on
every Airtel SIM card. But to be rest assured that it is supported on your
Airtel SIM, Airtel might send you a text message implying “SPECIAL PRIVILEGE!
Enjoy 6GB worth of data for just #1500. Dial *440*161#. For 30 days, usable on
all devices’’
In case you receive the message above, please don’t mistake
it for a hoax. Just believe it is a confirmation that your Airtel SIM card is
compatible with the plan. But if you’re yet to receive any message confirming
your eligibility to use this data plan, you can verify if your SIM is eligible
or not by dialing *440*16#
Code to Subscribe to Airtel 6GB for #1500

Ensure you have at least #1500 in your account balance. Then
dial *440*161# from your eligible Airtel SIM card. Also, this data plan is
valid for one month and can be used on all kinds of devices.