How to Subscribe to Etisalat Bonus Offer

How to Subscribe to Etisalat Bonus Offer
Image Credit: Ameh News

Etisalat has attempted to emulate Airtel’s 100% data bonus
which doubles the value of data recharge. A lot of subscribers might not
believe this practically because Etisalat’s data offers are somewhat expensive.
However, the fact is that Etisalat now doubles the value of your data recharge
when you subscribe to its Easycliq tariff plan.

This bonus offer comes in three modes. The first mode is the
100% data bonus and this gives you two times the value of your data. If for
instance, you purchase 50MB, you will be given the total of 100MB. In that
case, the first 50MB is the base data while the second 50MB is the bonus data.
Also notable is that this 100% data bonus is only available to Easy Cliq
subscribers and gives you the double of your data recharge beginning from 50MB
to 500MB. You can use the base data whenever you wish to browse the internet
but the bonus data has a 7-day validity period from 10:30PM to 5:00AM.
The second mode is the 250% bonus offer which gives you two
times the value of your airtime recharge. In order to enjoy this, your recharge
value must be #100 or more. When you activate this bonus offer, the first 50
percent of your airtime is your main credit and can be used in calling all
networks. Meanwhile, the second 50 percent of your airtime is the bonus credit
and can be used in making calls to Etisalat numbers only. Most importantly, this
credit bonus is only valid for one week.
The third mode is the 350% bonus offer with the validity
period of 7 days. In order to activate this, you have to recharge with #100 or
Steps to Activate Etisalat Bonus Offer

To subscribe to any of the three bonus modes
discussed earlier, you must be subscribed to Etisalat Easycliq tariff plan. if
you’re on Easycliq but yet to migrate to Easycliq, simply dial *244*1# to
migrate now
After migrating, simply dial *545#

From the emerging on-screen reply, select your
desired bonus mode (You can select any of 100%, 250% and 350% bonus modes)