Masters Scholarships Sponsored by Rotary Club for Water and Sanitation Professionals

Masters Scholarships Sponsored by Rotary Club for Water and Sanitation Professionals

Application Deadline: 15th June, 2018.

 The IHE Delft Institute for Water Education in Partnership with Rotary Club are offering a limited number of Scholarships to Water Professionals to take up a Masters Program in the University. This is to ensure that they curb the water and sanitation crisis in the world by training professionals to plan and implement policies and solutions in developing and emerging countries.

 Scholarship candidates are selected based on their strong academic background, professional experience, and demonstrated leadership in the community. Moreover, the ability to convince the sponsors that they would have a significant, positive impact on global water and sanitation issues during their career will also contribute to their selection success.

They are expected to work on improving water and sanitation problems in their country of origin after graduating. This project will be made easier through the help of the Rotary Foundation.

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Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicants must be provisionally admitted to one of the following degree programs at IHE Delft (joint programs are not eligible):

                  MSc in Urban Water and Sanitation
                  MSc in Water Management and Governance
                  MSc in Water Science and Engineering

  • Students must also live or work near a Rotary club. Visit the Club Finder page on to search for a Rotary club.

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Application Process

  • Students provisionally admitted to one of the three eligible IHE Delft academic programs will seek the sponsorship of their local Rotary club or district.
  • Completed applications must be received by TRF from sponsor Rotarians no later than 15 June of the year in which studies begin. Applications submitted directly to TRF by the student will not be considered.

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